Your club needs YOU!


There’s never been a better time to join the Blues Trust. It seems all Blues fans have lost patience this time around with the complete circus that is going on at our beloved football club.

However, being a Blue is in our blood and although we may look at our current set of players, past results or league position, one thing is for sure we will still wear that badge on our chest every week, singing our hearts out.

Along with that and our famous Keep Right On anthem, we’ve never been the type of fans that sit down and let whatever happens in the heavens, be. A proper working class club, it always has been. So why are we letting them get away with reversing that?

Compared to other clubs, our owners (post Hughton) have had a very easy ride. I’m not saying we should boycott games, I’m not saying we should stand outside the ground with banners in the air, I’m saying we need to make a stand, a proper one at that.

So how can we make a difference?

Clearly, we need answers from the ‘powers that be’. We are constantly being shut out of our own club and it’s only right we find out the exact aims and ambitions the directors have.

To make a difference, join Blues Trust now for only a fiver a year. The more members, the bigger our voice!

The trust have three main aims:

  • To develop the relationship with the Club
  • To increase supporter influence
  • To promote supporter involvement

To find out more on how to join, click here –


Your club needs YOU!


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