“Will always be St Andrews to me” – fans react to ground name change


New broke this morning that Blues owners Trillion Trophy Asia have renamed St Andrews and Wast Hills Training ground.

The ground will now be called St Andrew’s Trillion Trophy Stadium, while the training facilities will now be called Trillion Trophy Training Centre.

This deal will stand in place for three years and despite mixed feelings from the fans, this is very much a win-win for both the owners and the day-to-day running of the club.

Why I hear you ask? Well, it’s simply due to maximum exposure for TTA and wider commercial opportunities, which will in turn help steer the club away from FFP regulations. This is the first time since 1906 the ground will change names, after the move from Muntz Street.

In a statement, the club said: “This will assist towards improving the playing squad and facilities at both the ground and the training ground”.

Blues chief executive Xuandong Ren said: “This is a landmark partnership for the club.

“From a business perspective, it is important that we look at all such avenues with which to maximise our revenue to help ensure the club remains financially strong and competitive on the football field.

“In renaming the ground, we were acutely aware of the emotions surrounding this subject, hence it was agreed to retain St. Andrew’s in the title – our home that we know means so much to our supporters.”

A spokesman for TTA said: “We are proud to be able to put our name to an iconic venue such as St. Andrew’s and to the Wast Hills training centre.

“This cements our bond with and our backing of the Club and we are looking forward to a successful partnership.”

The ground was named St Andrews back in 1906

Fans were keen to take to Twitter to react to the news this morning, here’s some of the tweets:

BCFC Archive: FFS Blues can we not even have one summer without embarrassing ourselves!

Alex Whitehouse: The start of a new era and #BCFC’s journey to a Trillion Trophies!

Anthony: Any fans that moan are stupid. This will help the club bring in money now for transfers. It will always be known as St Andrews that’s why they’ve kept it in the name

Mark : Can’t complain at all. More money for the club, keeping St. Andrews at the start means no one will call it ‘the TTA stadium’ and its only a 3 year deal. Not like they’ve tried a full on Sports Direct Arena job on us

Derek Burke : So what if blues have renamed stans, they can call it what they want as long as they getting a lot of money for it . Cos it will always be st Andrews to me the home of the mighty blues


Robin Edkins: No problem with it & hopefully will bring more money into the club

Anthony Beard: Hopefully brings some decent money in for monk to spend, and they’ve kept St. Andrews in aswell

Bradley Jones: St. Andrews will always be St. Andrews! Can’t complain with a ‘significant’ amount of money either! could be worse could be pan handling for the months wage and tax bill #bcfc

Matthew Boyce: I’m ok with this as they are putting more money in and investment in the playing squad also the training ground name is better and sounds proper also they’ve kept St Andrews which is the important thing.

John Matthews: Naming could have been worse at least, always wonder if the clubs that do this actually get much money for it

Tom Montgomery: Will always be Wast Hills and St Andrew’s to me. KRO

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  1. Don’t see a problem, the name of St Andrews is still foremost, money should be forthcoming for GM to spend and it’s only for 3 years. It’s all looking progressive for Blues not like that crew down the road. Their “FIRE SALE” is due to start. How they can expect 60m for a complete wan_er, doesn’t score many, pleads with the ref at every challenge and has a terrible haircut. KRO

  2. Now i hope TTA start putting some money in to their new stadium and get rid that eyesore of a stand and modernise the rest of the ground,as well as giving GM money to spend on a team fit to represent Birmingham City KRO


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