Uncertainty strikes yet again


Just another day of being a Blues fan, uncertainty strikes yet again.

It was this morning, around 10am where Blues fans awoken to an inescapable forage of social media posts regarding the future of Blues boss Gary Monk.

The news was that of an ‘imminent departure’ from the 40-year-old over a supposed ‘break down in relationship’ with club chief executive Xuandong Ren (below).

It all stemmed from suggestive tweets from several Blues fansites and ‘In The Know’ accounts which in turn sparked a meltdown on the bcfc hashtag throughout the day.

The quite nauseating day went like this; Coded messages from 8am in the morning, to a twitter meltdown at 10am, to the mainstream media picking up on the storm and running the story of ‘Garry Monk on the brink of leaving Blues’ at 12am stating a number of disagreements such as; the sale of Jota, transfer budget and Monk’s philosophy.

However, at the time of writing this at 5pm and with numerous sources saying Monk is, in fact, staying put at Blues and he has ‘no intention of walking out’, what we have learnt is the relationship between Monk and Dong Ren is very strained after crunch talks.

Blues fans will hope that this is just water under the bridge and the two parties can move on from this almost deja vu like situation and hope those at the top refrain from pushing out a top young manager and arguably the best and most respected by the fans since Chris Hughton.

We would like to hear your thoughts on yet another Blues managerial saga. Comment below!

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  1. The owners need to intervene and stop ren from making transfer decisions. We are not fooled in believing Redknapp was to blame for all the transfer chaos when he was in charge. They should learn their lessons and let managers be managers that’s what they are paid to do. Help Monk don’t hinder him.


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