The most woeful time of the year


“I’d take every last penny that TTA intend to spend during the upcoming transfer window, and throw it all at Sean Dyche. I don’t think Dyche would come for a second, but it’s Christmas goddammit, let me dream!”

Is anyone else feeling tired and weary? Is anyone else wondering if Steve Cotterill should still journey on?

Another Saturday gone, another defeat in the books. They all hurt, but losing to QPR stings just that little bit more. The question has to be asked; if we can’t get a single point against one of the worst teams in the league, what hope do we have for the rest of the season?

I’ve said it in previous articles and I’ll say it again; our current turmoil is not completely Cotterill’s fault. We all know that. However, allow me to play devils advocate. Take Man City’s squad and put Cotterill in charge. Do you think Man City would still be screaming through the Premier League? Now take Pep and give him our squad. Do you think we’d still be bottom of the Championship? I’m willing to bet your answers to both of those questions is ‘No’

Now I’m not trying to compare Steve Cotterill to Pep Guardiola, that would be silly. I am merely attempting to point out that although the players MUST take their share of the blame, the responsibility ultimately falls on the captain of the ship. When teachers have an unruly class, it is their job to keep the students focussed and get the best out of them. When a factory manager has unwilling, lazy staff, it is their job to motivate the workforce. The best teachers and factory managers get their pupils/staff to pull together; the best football managers do the same.

I really do think that this is it for Steve Cotterill now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him gone by Monday. But who comes in to replace him? Honestly I’d take every last penny that TTA intend to spend during the upcoming transfer window, and throw it all at Sean Dyche. I don’t think Dyche would come for a second, but it’s Christmas goddammit, let me dream!

I think we have slightly more chance of landing Pearson, Pulis or Shakespeare, but I’d still be surprised. It would take a special kind of ego and determination to take on a task as mammoth as saving Blues from the drop right now. Is there a manager of such calibre around at the moment? I’m not so sure.

There is a ‘hair dryer kicker’ knocking about in our dressing room at the moment though. A hard as nails Bluenose that isn’t afraid of telling his peers what he thinks of them. A veteran of the game and freshman of coaching. A fan favourite and former captain… Mr Paul Robinson.


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Okay, hear me out. As far as I’m concerned, we’re down. I think Cotterill put out our best 11 against QPR (excluding Jota and Adams) and we still lost against the team that propped up the table. So if we’re as good as down, what have we got to lose? We’re not likely to make any season changing signings in January and we’re not going to attract a big name manager to replace Steve so why not give Robbo a go? At the very least we should relinquish him of his under 23s role and get him working alongside the manager.

We are in desperate need of a no-nonsense ball breaker. Cotterill is far from being that person. He looks weak in every interview he does. Nothing about him signals that he’s a leader of men. Not his verbal language, not his body language, nothing. As much as I love Carsley, he too looks a little out of his depth.

Would Robbo be out of his depth too? Probably. But like I say, as far as I’m concerned, we’re down anyway, and I’m not necessarily advocating giving him the entire control anyway. I do think he’d work well with a tactically minded counterpart though, and Cotterill isn’t it.

We need a new leader, both tactically and motivationally. We already have one half of that leadership in Paul Robinson, which means we could target a ‘lower rated’ manager with tactical nous that WOULD relish the challenge of saving us.

We will not lure Pearson, Pulis, Shakespeare etc, but is there a manager out there with a footballing tactician’s brain that is willing to work alongside a motivational Robinson…?

Maybe we have that man too in Richard Beale? It’s definitely an option worth investigating…

Someone needs to be given free reign to demote players, upset players and tell a bucket load of home truths. If this is how our season is going to pan out, then so be it. Why not relegate everyone to the reserves until they prove they have the club’s best interests at heart. There are boys in the youth teams that would kill to run out in front of a 20 000 strong stadium of Blues fans, so let’s give them a shot to prove themselves too.

I think certain players like Grounds and Dutch Mike have shown the willingness to fight back against the inevitable. As much as a I don’t rate Gallagher, his commitment was evidenced on Saturday and Gardner was spotted trying to rally the troops throughout the game too. There ARE sparks of determination in our squad, we just need to wean out the hangers on, regardless of how much they cost the club financially. No matter how much we’re paying the likes of Jota and Nsue, it’ll be nothing compared to the cost of relegation.

Maybe Paul Robinson is the type of guy we need to take some players down a peg or two and make them humble. Maybe Richard Beale is ready to step into the big leagues, after all he’s making noticeable waves in the under 23s division. If we can’t attract someone new to the club, maybe we need to look to an already successful partnership…

By Mark Watson



  1. Off topic. Had a choice to support Wolves or Blues, tbh I was back and forth, Wolves then Blues then Wolves then Blues, I was going through funk my apologies. I couldn’t really make up my mind, good reasons for both. My son likes Wolves and they’re destined for the Prem but it feels all to “bandwagony” to support Wolves now. It just feels a lot more genuine to choose the Blues as they struggle. So I’m taking a mulligan on this one, or three lol, and I’m gonna stick with my gut. Hopefully things will look up for the Blues this Christmas. KRO.

    • Please disregard above statement. Promised my son I’d support Wolves with him. Having said that I hope the Blues reach the Prem soon. They belong in the top flight and deserve to thrive there. KRO to some of the best fans in football. As for me I’m gonna do right by my son and keep my promise. Cheers!

  2. I think it’s a double edges sword,firstly the players Rednapp bought in are no better than what we had,secondly the board went for a second rate manager and expected him to do a job the other second rate managers couldn’t do Rowett apart,my choice would be someone until the end of season like Bilic with Robinson.

  3. Okay I’m beginning to sound like a crazy person but I’ve convinced my son to support the Blues instead of Wolves. Trying to explain the term bandwagon was a little challenging.

    Wolves are doing great but I just couldn’t bandwagon no matter how much I tried. Blues are just to awesome not to support despite their struggles. KRO.


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