Steve Cotterill shuts down journalist in post-match interview


Cotterill’s time as manager looks to be up as Blues suffered a 2-1 defeat at Nottingham Forest.

Amid the wide spread speculation of Garry Monk edging closer to take the hotseat, Cotterill speaks on how his players ‘fought for their manager’ today.

During the interview he was backed into a corner by another journalist, who followed up the question of if he’s ‘fearful for his job’ with ‘was it an acceptance?’.

Cotterill then shut her down with ‘I can’t believe you you’ve just asked me that’.

You can also hear his broken voice which would indicate he knows he’s about to get the boot.

You can listen to the full interview with BBC WM below:

Blues fans now wait on an announcement in the following days and hope Garry Monk will be the home dugout come Tuesday against Middlesbrough.

What do you think, has he lost his head here or is he just standing his ground?


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha😂😂!!!! LOSER!!! Wosre manager we’ve ever had!! So happy to see the back of you Carrott Cruncher!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. You won’t get another top job in football.. hahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Let’s hope we get rid of hoof football and we get a coach that can create something positive
    from this mess.

    • lets worry about that next season. we have to concentrate on staying in the championship 1st.
      mass clearout needed thats for sure

  3. I thought he gave a pretty good answer to the question. They were the better side yesterday but along with Shnderlamd over the year probably been the most consistently worst teams in league.

  4. Blue exile. Do you really think that there is loads of money for a mass clearout. We have in general a good squad who have lacked confidence and a leader. They didnt respect Cotterill he lost them a long time ago. If they had given Rednapp the amount of time Cotterill got we wouldnt be in this position now. So as fans lets wipe the slate clean and start getting behind the team and players. The slagging of the team has to stop if we are to survive. If we go down most of players will move on. We need to be the thirteenth man at every game lets raise the roof at St Andrews and let them know we believe in them. Cotterill has gone thats what we wanted. Now lets get off the players back and cheer them on KRO

  5. “in general we have a good squad” ??
    do you go to any games ??
    the same squad that has 3 managers sacked ?
    the same squad that are the lowest scorers in the entire football league ?
    i wouldd rather play the u-23s . at least they show some character.


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