Steve Cotterill press conference – going forward


Steve Cotterill spoke to the press today for the first time since the ugly scenes at St Andrews after the 2-0 defeat in the hands of Barnsley.

The Blues boss is under increasing pressure from the fans, however the owners are now prepared to back him, in the short term at least.

When asked if he’s under pressure, Cotterill replied:

Of course, you are under pressure any time you go out on the field.

“I met the chairman on Monday night. I know there has been a lot of talk about decision days. He was incredibly supportive.

Being around the other side of the world I think it’s difficult for him to get a clear picture but for sure now he has a true picture of what went on, certainly in January.”

Cotterill was also quick to apologise to the fans after coming under fire on Saturday, and not just from coke bottles…

Whatever went on last weekend, I understand it totally.

“The guy with the coke bottle I did ask him to get me a diet coke and not a full fat one. 

I understand their frustrations I really do, I bumped into quite a few fans this week and it has been quite good for me.

The first one said don’t take it personal this has gone on for a long time, he was very supportive.

Then the same happened another day, he said this has been going on a long time, you are copping the brunt of it.

I think our fans are great, I get where they are with it, they are passionate about their club like I am about the club.

We are on the same page. Over the last month we haven’t given them the performance they deserve, I am sorry about that because it is not the performance that I or the players want.”

When asked what next, Cotterill says he remains determined to get the job done:

Feb was a bad month for us, which coincided 100 per cent with us not strengthening in January.

“Through the hard times of last weekend – for our supporters who don’t like to see their team getting beat, it makes me want to fight even harder for people.

That’s where I am with it.

The support I have had this week internally and externally from the fans I have bumped in to has put the fight into me more.

I only want good things for this club. People who see me every day see how committed I am to it.”

Blues travel to Nottingham Forest on Saturday afternoon. David Davis is still out following a knee injury at Villa, but there is some good news with Kieftenbeld returning from his two-match suspension.

Look out for our preview of tomorrow’s tie right here on BCFC Followers.


  1. Davis still out ,so which Donkey will play alongside kieftenbeld,actually I take that back it’s being disrespectful to Donkeys,Ndoye and Gardner wasn’t that good ,if the game goes ahead Lee Tomlin will murder us ,3 games in a week agan that will even if we were playing ok would probably result in 0 points ,so with this shower at mo 100% 0 points


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