Following the news of a managerial decision to be made today, Cotterill’s future still hangs in the balance until an announcement is made this week.

It’s also worth noting that the club have stated Cotterill will resume with normal proceedings tomorrow, starting with his Forest press conference at Wast Hills.

Whether this is just a cover up remains to be seen, as it is understood (via Alex Nixon) top boss (likely to be director of BCFC Zhao Wenqing) is in Birmingham today to sort out proceedings and go from there.

This comes after we heard Blues CEO Xuandong Ren is fully backing the former Bristol City manager, as well as the players coming out stating they will do the same. If Cotterill is to depart, Dong Ren’s job would then become under even more scrutiny.

The Blues boss was also quick to defend his reign:

“It’s not nice to take the stick I take but if it’s someone else managing the team in a month’s time then they’re in the same situation because it’ll be the same players going out on the pitch.”

As for Financial Fair Play, we will hear the latest tomorrow on whether or not the club will face a transfer embargo, or worse case scenario, a points deduction.

Until then, Blues fans can only hope Cotterill is not in front of the press tomorrow, providing us with even more blunt comments…

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  1. sc says team have no confidence and scared to play at home (looks like their sacred to play anywhere), what are management team doing, playing players out of position (telling a certain player he’s a winger not striker), not playing other players even when fit, saying i would have replaced 5-6 players if he had the chance , no wonder moral is low. he would be good at a kids party as clowns normally go down well

  2. I cannot believe they are contemplating keeping him. Firstly, the comments he makes are of a DEFEATED man,his entire persona is of a defeated man. How can this be either inspiring or motivating for the players under him.? Whilst there is sympathy he couldn’t sign anyone in the January window, he has been his own worst enemy with team selections, and tactics, and appears too stubborn to change. Why would the hierarchy even listen to the players and their defence of him, when THEY are equally to blame for the current situation. There should have been enough quality there to have avoided this nightmare we are in, and some passion and desire from them ON THE PITCH wouldn’t go amiss.!!!!!

  3. I am so disappointed with the way things are and have been for awhile with the club , Manager & players manager more so when he can’t take the blame for the current situation he his the who picks the team and plays players out of position & players who are not good enough to wear the shirt & the fact before the games he says how good the opposition are, giving out a negative vibe to fans & players not that some of the players care too much anyway, there are young and hungry players out on loan & at the club who would put more energy into the game than some of the first team players, from a very disgruntled long time supporter, get it sorted & quickly for the sake of all us fans. KRO

  4. Get rid. Anybody who keeps playing N’Doye week in and week out cannot be a good Manager. In my 50 years as as Supporter I have seen many up and downs but this bloke is just a joke. He never uses his substitutes – you may as well not have anybody on the bench. He has Morrison on the bench and still keeps him there after the defence and especially Roberts keep making howlers. Morrison must be completely demoralised and Jota – what a waste of a great talent. I only played at Sunday League level but I still know about setting teams up and Cotterill is a joke. His attitude to football is negative, negative, negative. Totally unadventurous.


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