“When you’re short, fat and ginger like me you’re just happy to be invited to the dance. It doesn’t matter if you get to take the prettiest girl home at the end of the night, you’re happy to be amongst the crowd.”

It’s all quiet on the football front at the moment. Sure there’s transfer speculations, rumours and flat out lies flying all over the place (mostly from fake agent social media accounts looking for attention) but other than that things are starting to slow down a bit around here.

There may be the odd thing to write about during the World Cup but unless anything revolutionary comes out regarding the club we love, you shan’t be hearing too much from me over the next few months. “Thank God!” I hear you cry, “At last!” I see you type “Someone finally shut the moron up!” I pretend not to hear you cheer as I cry into my cornflakes.

Well since there isn’t too much to say about the Blues; other than the fact that my beloved Groundsy may be departing shortly, allow me to take this opportunity to talk about you guys for a bit.

Sure we have our bad eggs, but for the most part Blues fans are some of the best in the world. We proved that with phenomenal support all season, both home and away. We taught the likes of Fulham and Hull that St Andrews can be a fortress when everyone comes together in one voice and although the team took a little too long to find their feet this year, it was the fans that helped them up and carried them over the finish line.

Aside from the fantastic support given to the boys on the pitch, you also directed your passions towards charities such as Justice4the21, the Geoff Horsfield Foundation and the Birmingham Homeless Support Team. Looking farther afield, many of you also got on board with the #Fulham2BirminghamWalk and played your part in the raising of over £15 000 for CALM.

The club are lucky to have us and together we do a good job at representing the second city. This season’s crop of players undoubtedly came under a lot of criticism at times. Some of it was unwarranted and some of it was grossly over the top but a lot of critiques were also justified. Whether the boys like to admit it or not though, they too are lucky to have us. We cheered when it was deserved and complained when we didn’t see our own passion mirrored on the pitch. However, unlike a few other teams that found themselves in a similar plight, our supporters kept turning up week after week with the ethos that we were all in this together.

Birmingham City may have struggled their way to safety in the dying days of the season, but as I’ve alluded to in past pieces, it’s you guys that should be thanked. We can laud over J-Mags and Jota all we like and players like Harlee and Juke SHOULD be commended for their end of year efforts. However, such fighting spirit would never have been called for in the first place if certain players had fully committed themselves in the opening chapters of the campaign too.

Instead it was down to us to raise the roof and raise performance levels. When the board seemed determined to hang on to Cotterill like Pavarotti clings to the last biscuit in the barrel, it was down to us to force the board’s hand through pressure on social media and growing angst in the stands. The dismissal of Stevie-C and Monk’s subsequent appointment was the turning point in our season and I wonder how much longer we’d have been forced to endure Steve’s reign of disaster without fan intervention. We sang our way to results and cheered ourselves into a brighter future.

Speaking on a personal level, you have also supported me in my debut season as a ‘sports writer’. Although let’s be honest, I mostly just write crap jokes and opinions. Thank you for all the views, likes, comments and shares this season. Along with the other writers on here, I have some big plans in the works for next year and hopefully they will lead to an improved quality of content over a wider variety of platforms.

I’d also like to thank everyone that voted for us in the Football Blogging Awards. Thanks to your votes Adam and I recently attended the FBA finals down in ‘Landan Taaan’ and it’s an honour to be listed as one of the top 10 blogs in the country. We didn’t win unfortunately but when you’re short, fat and ginger like me you’re happy to be invited to the dance. It doesn’t matter if you get to take the prettiest girl home at the end of the night, you’re just happy to be amongst the crowd. In the words of Paul Weller, “To be someone must be a wonderful thing” and that is our aim for the 2018/19 season as we look to bring home some silverware from next years event.

So I guess this is me saying ta’ra for a while. Next season could be massive for the Blues and with Monk and Co at the helm, it could be our most successful campaign for a few years. The news writers will still be keeping you up to date with the comings and goings in the transfer market but research and reporting aren’t really my bag so I doubt I’ll be involved too much.

Plus I’m about to welcome my firstborn into the world so I imagine I’ll be pretty pre occupied! Her Blues kit is waiting in the nursery for her and I’ve placed a DVD of the Carling Cup final on the shelf next to her Disney collection. I hope you all have a cracking summer and I hope the World Cup isn’t as painful to watch as it usually is!

Until next year, Keep Right On folks.

By Mark Watson


  1. Thanks for a great season on writing Mark, thoroughly enjoyed yours and the rest of the teams insightful and entertaining pieces.

    Have a great summer and best of luck with the ‘blue’ arrival (see what I did there!? ‘new’…’blue’ haha) and look forward to reading your articles next season!

    Keep Right On and come on England!!

  2. Great job this season mate! Ignore some of the moaning tossers on SHA. Professional miserablists…Enjoy the summer break and Keep Right On!


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