Sacking Cotterill was the only option


Having had some time to digest the latest managerial collapse at Birmingham City, my view hasn’t altered.

Sacking Steve Cotterill was the right decision.

With Garry Monk appointed as the fifth Blues manager in 15 months, a fact that doesn’t sit well with me, lord knows the squad has suffered it’s fair share of upheaval.

Cotterill never seemed like the right fit for Blues. Undoubtedly an excellent lower league manager, he’s never cut the mustard at Championship level.

The job at St. Andrews is difficult enough without it being carried out by a manager uncomfortably out of his depth.

Steve Cotterill can only look on as his Blues side falter at Villa Park
Steve Cotterill can only look on as his Blues side falter at Villa Park

In 27 games under Cotterill, Blues won six. Average that out over the course of an entire Championship season, that’s approximately 10 wins. Relegation form indeed.

Perhaps the way he was treated was shabby, after all he is just an honest football man doing his best under trying circumstances. But, sadly, his best wasn’t good enough which is why the club had no other choice but to wield the axe.

Ignoring results and points, his relationship with the fans was sour. In fact, sour is an understatement. I’ve never known a manager at this club to be so widely unpopular on the terraces.

The current hierarchy have made countless ill-informed decisions since they took over the club – but this isn’t one of them.

New Blues boss Garry Monk

Their statement last Saturday evening was tinged with sadness. Seemingly, they desperately wanted Cotterill to be a success – as we all did. Yet standing idly by while the club sleepwalks towards the trap door was simply not an option.

It was a case of stick or twist.

Cotterill’s reign will never be greeted with adulation but, given time, I’m sure the fans will appreciate his efforts. But for now, it’s farewell and best wishes to Steve Cotterill.

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  1. Eveything you said was what I thought, I wanted Cotts in the beginning like everyone else & backed him all the way until January, when more games were being lost that was it for me, I had said he was out of his depth I felt sorry for him but he needed to step aside for the sake of the fans it was the only option, we needed someone else asap that was when the new Manager came in which a great coup so to speak for us & I know he will do well for us, first game in charge showed us what he can achieve & the players responce showed in the game too so for me I see a great future ahead KRO.

  2. Quite right MDS. Cotterill should have taken the job as assistant to Harry Redknapp for this season, he would have learnt a lot from him, on how to be a manager, which would have helped him in the future. I believe Blues would have been in a far better position, had that have happened.


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