Replacement for Steve Cotterill ‘being considered’


Yes, you read that right. It seems the board may come to their senses as a replacement for Cotterill is being considered.

Blues were left stunned at Griffin Park on Tuesday night, losing 5-0 in the process.

Now, all the pressure is on Cotterill and his backroom staff to get a positive result out of Saturday clash against Barnsley, who currently sit in 23rd place.

Saturday is massive, however lining up another manager is already in the pipeline, according to respected journalist Alan Nixon.


If, or whoever comes in Blues fans will be hopeful to see a reaction from the players to help steer the ship away from the iceberg that is League One.

What do you think, will the board sack Cotterill?


  1. If he does get replaced before the end of the season then the owners really are stupid. All this panic because we got hammered by Brentford. I saw it coming as we cant compete with good footballing teams unless we had a couple of weeks rest. Look at the results over the past 10 games and they prove we can get results but not in every game. Much like every other team.

  2. Absolute BS by a journalist who peddles in rumours and guesses. Cotterill is not going to be sacked it’s clear as they would have done so by now and they didn’t give him any money to spend in January when he wanted five players in. The owe him big time

  3. The players need to recover their confidence they need encouragement. Criticism will not help and there needs to be a change of man management by SC and his coaches if Blues are to survive. KRO

  4. Has anyone been watching this team they’ve blagged a few results and now gone back to as was .Same bad four or five players with a bad manager who keeps picking them

  5. From what I’ve heard, there were four men in the frame.
    (1) Gary Monk
    (2) Lee Carsley
    (3) Michael Appleton
    (4) Mark Warburton
    The last I heard was Monk has told us to shove it (can’t blame him) Don’t know how true that statement is.
    Personally out of all these I would go for Appleton, but like I say it’s all speculation at the moment. It could all be fake news. There are always rumours abound when any situation like this turns up.


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