Promotion Or Relegation?: What Are Birmingham City’s Chances This Season?


Birmingham City, otherwise known as the ‘Blues’, have had their fair share of defeats and victories over the 140 years since their creation. Like any football club, each season they come back fighting, working diligently to get their chance at holding one of the major trophies in the sport. Currently ranked as the 28th most successful team in English football, they have shown to be a close-knit team time and time again, giving their competitors a run for their money.

The 2018 EFL Championship season is underway and Birmingham City are currently sitting at 17th in the table after only a handful of matches. With the likes of Hull City, Millwall, Ipswich Town and Reading below them, they are going to need to start getting some wins soon before they the slip further down the league table towards relegation. As things stand so far, they are unfortunately a long way off being promoted into the Premier League at the end of this season.

Birmingham City football club have let a few players go this season during the transfer window, much to the dismay of loyal fans. Their defender, Jonathan Grounds, has been signed by Bolton Wanderers on a season-long loan, St Mirren has taken Nicolai Brock-Madsen on a six-month loan, and the forward Greg Stewart has been signed by Kilmarnock for the season. With the recent termination of Diego Fabbrini’s contract, the team were in need of some new players and we’re eager to see whether they become a huge success. Some of the new players on loan include Omar Bogle from Cardiff, Bournemouth’s Connor Mahoney and Gary Gardner from Aston Villa.

Connor Mahoney should prove to be a great asset to the team due to his previous experience in the Premier League, which he can put into practice for Birmingham City in the Championship. Having been on brief loans to teams such as Coventry City and Nottingham Forest, Gary Gardner, fellow Championship League player from Aston Villa, should demonstrate some good skill throughout the season. By gaining players like these, the Blues should be in with a chance of doing well in 2018. However, as the season unfolds, it will become clear if these transfers will pay off for Birmingham City, or not.

Between the years of 2005 and 2011, Birmingham City saw the most movement, with relegation from the Premier League to the EFL Championship and back again. The team’s history shows that they have been promoted and relegated regularly between Division 1 and 2 though the Blues haven’t had the most successful of runs, especially compared to their competitors. One of their biggest wins to date was when they won the Carling Cup in 2011. This win was an enormous one for the club, with bragging rights against a strong competitor, Arsenal, being the true prize. It was a huge triumph for the Blues and certainly shocked even the most secure of bettors, as it was broadcasted on Sky Sports from the famous Wembley Stadium.

The win was rather unexpected, as Arsenal had beaten Birmingham City in the previous league matches during that season, both home and away. Birmingham City came back fighting though, and played their socks off to claim the win by one goal that February. This win from the Blues, showed that Birmingham City can pull it out of the bag when they need to. The question is, can they pull a similar stunt seven years on? Their previous win before the Carling Cup was in 1963, when they beat Aston Villa and won the League Cup Final. Being alongside Aston Villa in the EFL Championship League this season, gives them a chance to beat them again.

Although it appears that Birmingham City Football Club is not going to get promoted this season, they have the full support from their long-lasting supporters. Their home ground, St. Andrew’s, even has a family zone and encourages their younger fans to come and enjoy the atmosphere.

Birmingham City Football Club, are surrounded by some very successful teams in the EFL Championship League. With Leeds United and Middlesbrough fighting for top spot on 18 points each, the Blues are sitting currently on 9 points. Their well-known competitor, Aston Villa, is in 13th at present. With it being early days, Birmingham City do have the chance, along with the ability, to climb up the table, however, with such a large gap between them and the upper half, the chances this season of them being promoted are immensely slim. Of course, miracles do happen, the fans are desperately cheering them on and the team are working hard to improve, so who knows what the rest of the season could hold?

Although Birmingham City is in a League with some decent teams to compete against, with their new transfers, they may begin to climb the table and avoid chances of relegation. What do you think?


  1. I think Ren and his dumb ideas of how to run a football club have scuppered anything we could have looked forward to … guess is he will try and blame the experienced back room staff he got rid of …. Snidey little creep . All down to EFL what we get and if we survive in this league … No deduction then maybe half way finish either way it is the long suffering fans that get the kick in the nuts again for nothing of there doing


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