Player Ratings: Birmingham City 0 Bolton Wanderers 1 


A disappointing and frustrating night at St Andrews, as Bolton left the second city with all three points. A very flat atmosphere and an unusually abject home performance from Monk’s men, has left many supporters wondering what might have been as Blues’ three match unbeaten run came to an end.

Whilst Blues’ performance was disappointingly poor, we must recognise a good away performance from Bolton, who came and ‘did a job’ on Blues and successfully completed the double over us. Blues in future need to be better and brighter against teams who come to St Andrews and sit deep, in the hope of earning a point. Monk, now has a week and a half to prepare for the visit of Blackburn, where Blues fans will be hoping to see an emphatic response.

Camp 6– Could do very little about the winning goal. In general, was solid and commanded his area better than he has in recent times for blues.

Harding 5– Wasn’t his finest display in a blues shirt. He showed more purpose than most, when he drove forward with the ball. Has a tendency to be a tad wasteful in possession, especially when it comes to his final ball. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Pedersen return against Blackburn.

Morrison 5- There is a recurring theme with blues and their inability to defend set pieces, an issue that Monk and the skipper need to iron out.  Although he spent years training day in day out with Donaldson, he sometimes struggled to handle the former blues striker.

Dean 5– Equally guilty for blues’ defensive frailties against set pieces. Failed to win as many defensive headers, as he usually does. 

Colin 6*- A positive in blues’ defeat was Colin’s continued decent form. He defended on the front foot and tried to give a bit of impetus to blues’ counter attack. Probably the best of a bad bunch on the day.

G Gardner 5– Useful in possession, didn’t quite affect our attacking play as much as he would have liked.

Kieftenbeld 6– A positive for blues, is Dutch Mike’s recent performances at the foot of the diamond. He has maintained his endeavour and fight, but seemingly added an element of composure to his game. Whilst in an attacking sense, he isn’t a game changer, his continued technical development should satisfy blues fans.

Maghoma 5 – Often scapegoated by many, but he tried to make things happen, but unfortunately fell short in creating a breakthrough for blues.

Jota 4– Like Maghoma, he tried to fashion an opening for blues, but couldn’t quite manage to do so. He gave the ball away too often in the final third and didn’t quite have the same impact at the front of the diamond, as he had against Forest and QPR. 

Adams 6– Worked tirelessly and his runs into the channel were not found or seen. Was swarmed by the Bolton defence and consequently had little opportunity to continue his rich vein of form. Had a huge opportunity to level the scores late for blues, he was perhaps too predictable in his body shape. 

Jutkiewicz 5– Had little impact upon the game and won few headers against the big Bolton defenders.  He desperately needs a goal to end his drought.


Mrabti 6– Bright, few decent touches and created Adams’ big opportunity at the death. Looks as if he can be of big use to blues in the run-in.

Vassell 4– Played wide right when he came on. Little time or chance to affect the game. First touch seemed to escape him on a few occasions. 

Davis 4– Firstly, it was great to see Digga back playing at St Andrews after such a long absence. Looked eager to impress, but was ultimately sloppy in possession. Maybe not the ideal circumstance for his return, but good to see him back out on the pitch all the same.


  1. It’s Valentines here in Manila. A win for the Blues would’ve been nice.
    Been following the Blues on and off the past couple of seasons. Haven’t really supported a club with the utmost loyalty required. Let’s credit that to indecision and ADD. Have done things in the past to show “support” to other clubs only to regret some decisions I’ve made. Let’s credit that to impulse. Tried following Wolves, Leeds and other up and coming clubs. Let’s credit that to bandwagonism. But in the end, it was the Blues for me. Let’s credit that to… I have no clue… I Love this club. I’m guilty of being wishy washy in the past but I’m all in on the Blues now. If ever any of you Blues fans are in Manila, let’s have a pint, it’s on me. KRO

  2. Truth. This is quite difficult to admit in public but I need to set things right. Please disregard the things I’ve said on this website. My choosing a club has proven more difficult than I thought. I’m going through something personal, call it quarter life or identity crisis. I do have ADD and I’m a bit of a perfectionist so making a decision can be quite challenging. The things I’ve said on this site were partly true but I exaggerate them to be accepted, and for that I need to apologise for being misleading. I envy you fans for your devotion to this club. I hope one day I can be as loyal to a club I finally choose and stick with. All the best to you and this club. God bless.

  3. Truth 2.0
    Okay so I’ve made a decision. This will be my final one. I can’t see myself supporting any other club. I also asked my son what team he liked and he also chose the Blues. He didn’t at first but now he does. So I looked him in the eye and promised him that we will support the Blues from now on. I wanna finally keep my word.

  4. Just to close the book on this, and to stop butchering this site with my story I’ll end with this.

    To those that have a few minutes to spare, this is my story with all honesty.

    My story is part unique, part laughable, at times “kringey” but authentic nonetheless. Got into football in my late teens, was a Barca fan because my grandmother’s family was from there. La Liga got quite redundant so I started following the Prem in my mid twenties. At first I wanted to follow some of the big clubs, but that didn’t feel right, felt band wagony. So I tried following/supporting, smaller clubs with potential but for personal reasons I couldn’t stick to any of em. I went to great lengths to try to gain a sense of ownership of those clubs but my indecision and impulsiveness always got the better of me. At this point Blues were one of the clubs I liked and tried supporting, the underdog status of the club, the color blue and their potential always attracted me. Recently, my son and I decided to hunker down and support the Blues through thick and thin, or some would say through thin and thin. The past years have been rough, I struggle with ADD and I’m a bit OC so that mixture of impulse and compulsiveness caused me to do things I regret as a fan, like wear different kits, join different trusts, buy a stadium brick or five, post and pledge my allegiance on different sites. I’d try a club out months, even weeks at a time then change my mind. Even tried following some of your rivals, something I really regret. But I believe everyone deserves a second chance or in my case an nth chance to get things right. Like I said I’ve regretted doing a lot of impulsive things in the process but choosing to follow the Blues a hundred percent is the redeeming factor in all this. I realised that I’ve fallen for this club and can’t see myself supporting any other. KRO


    If ever any of you are in Manila, let me know. Pint is on me.

    Jay Enrile

  5. Clearly I got issues. Sorry. No excuses. Need to deal with these brain farts and impulses. Sorry to everyone on this site that had to read all my crap. Deepest apologies. Sincerely. God bless.

  6. FTR, the only truthful thing I’ve said in this site, ever, was what I wrote on February 18, above. Please disregard all the other things I’ve written. It’s quagmire of mental and emotional issues. My deepest apologies on bombarding this site with my “crap”. I feel awful for it. Feel free to take out any comment I’ve ever made so it doesn’t taint your fan site. All the best to the Blues and your fans. As for me. I’m gonna do some soul searching and in time maybe have my son choose our club. Peace.

  7. Like I’ve stated above. I’m struggling with an extreme case of indecision and impulsiveness. It’s a mental and emotional issue I’m having to deal with. My apologies for all the craziness. Really I’m so sorry, to the people overseeing the site and it’s readers. How I wish I can delete everything I’ve said above and other Blues sites. But such is life. You live and learn. Hopefully I’ve learnt. It’s seven years of struggle to stick with a club. Seven years of posting in blogs, buying kits seeing if it feels good, buying stadium bricks seeing if that will make me a legit supporter, being part of different trusts cause that’s what legit supporters do. Seven years. Seven freaking years. This is starting to sound like Lukas Graham song. It took that long, but for the next seventy, I choose to bleed blue. It fits. Underdogs. Giant Slayers. Davids. Peaky Blinders. I love Peaky Blinders. To my Wife, I’m sorry for the Roller Coaster. To my kids, Daddy’s keeping this promise. Daddy’s gonna Keep Right On.

  8. I apologise this whole thread. My conversation with myself. It’s quite embarrassing. I wish I can do a thanks snap and make this disappear. Please disregard anything I’ve said above. Somethings were true others were said out of impulse.

  9. In many ways this thread has been a blessing and a curse for me. Blessing cause it’s quite therapeutic to speak my mind knowing others could possible chime in, a curse cause this convo has been with myself really. But for the sake of closure and my lucky number 13th post on this thread, sorry Joe Danks for ruining this thread, I’ll put an end to this saga. And yes it’s truly been a saga for me, well more like a nightmare actually.

    It’s quite obvious that I suffer from some sort of mental health issue, I mean this thread has crazy written all over it. Well that’s true, I’m diagnosed with ADD, which means I’m impulsive, obviously, and clearly indecisive. Basically the many flowery things I’ve said on this thread were fuelled by impulse, they’re half truths at best, infatuation, definitely. I became a fan of the show Peaky Blinders, I’m obsessive, so I wanted to follow the Blues. I’d follow for weeks than, lose interest and try to find another club, then come back and post something, then lose interest, then, follow another club, then come back… A sick cycle that lasted years. So if I ever made it sound like I’m super into the Blues wanting to bleed blue and all, throwing some KRO’s, I’m sorry, I thought I meant it but in hindsight, I really didn’t. I’m ending this cycle today. Our Independence Day just passed and hopefully I’ll be free from this madness too.

    So Truth is I’ve not genuinely supported any club to date. My issues always get the better of me. But I’m hoping that won’t be my lot and I can finally turn the corner.

    Years ago I took a quiz online, I think it was a buzzfeed quiz that helped you choose a Premier League to support, ironically my results said I should support Villa. Also on some other Blues site, some blue noses told me to just support the “Vile” instead, maybe they were on to something.

    I started this “searching for a club to support” phase of my life in my mid to late twenties. I’m already in my mid thirties and I’ve still not supported a club. Tragic. Daft. Long overdue. Time to wake up. UTV

  10. My brain’s been hacked and it caused me to have diarrhoea of the fingertips. Kindly disregard what was said above specially the bit about the Vile, I could never route for them, what the heck. BUT what I’ve said about mental health is sincere. I’m starting over. Clean slate. Gonna keep right on and support the Blues. Check back with me in 60 years. Peace.

  11. Erase all. I’m confused. I need divine intervention or a bonk in the head or a pint or two. Wishing you lot the best. the Blues deserve to be in the Prem. Great fans, unfortunately I won’t be one of them. Hopefully one day, if it’s even possible, I’ll find a club of my own.

  12. I believe everyone can be saved from error. This thread and my posts on other blogs have been exactly that, a mountain of mistakes. One day my family and close friends may stumble upon this, but my story won’t be foreign to them. Choosing a club to support was always a daunting task for me. Again. I believe I can be saved from error. Redemption in other words. For me, the only way to make things right, is if I genuinely keep right on.

    I’m hoping that despite a bad start to my fandom, I’ll be able to say that the only team I truly support is Birmingham City Football Club.

    I hope one day I’ll be able to say that I actually didn’t end up choosing a club.

    It chose me. KRO

  13. If you’ve stumbled upon this thread, you’ve found the smoking gun, the proof of my folly, the funk to my fandom, the cray in my crazy. I’ve gone through the ringer. I’ve gone through emotional hell and back. I would just have to be… well… forgiven. You’d just have to take everything I’ve said above with some compassion and humour. If there was a delete button on this blog I would’ve worn my fingers out using it. Having said all that, I do intend to post my thoughts on this blog, hopefully by that time it’ll be about a match, transfer or other things on the Blues. Hopefully I could be judged by that instead of the things I’ve said above. To my wife and kids, for the nth time, I’m sorry for all this, but I owe it to you guys to keep right on.


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