‘Only one man that can save us now’


Following the ugly defeat to Brentford last night, Blues fans were quick to kick-start the managerial carousel yet again.

Calls of ‘there’s only one man that can save us now’ and ‘surely better than what we’ve got now’ were among the animosity online. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures, but we’re used to that now.

Oh yes, the man that can save us. Garry Monk.

The former Swansea manager has been shadowing Brendon Rodgers in a bid to get back into full time management.

Monk is hoping for a quick return to the dugout after being dismissed by Middlesbrough in December.

“I’m very much ready to go back (into management). “But it’s just a case of waiting for the right opportunity. I did that after Swansea with Leeds, I felt at that time it was the right opportunity for me so I took that on and it was the same situation with Boro.

“Now it’s just a case of seeing what opportunity comes and seeing if it’s the right one for myself.”


Before we get carried away let’s remember most of us noses actually wanted Cotterill in and thought he was right for the job. Albeit Monk had the experience and x-factor-ish name, but is he the long term appointment Blues so desperately need?

Monk did okay at Leeds and it was a shock to many when he was dismissed from Boro so maybe he would be worth the gamble.

*Strokes chin*

He definitely has the experience to steer a club away from trouble, that’s for sure. Just take a look back to his time in Wales, he guided Swansea to safety in his first job as a manager.

Many would argue he has the potential to be a top boss in the future and what better to make an impression by saving Birmingham City.

However, you’d look at the current board situation and wonder who exactly is pulling the strings and if ‘they’ or ‘he’ (Dong Ren) has the guts to sack yet another gaffer and hand, yes you guessed it, another Englishman the hotseat.

One thing is for sure though, many Blues fans thought last night’s 5-0 drubbing at Brentford last night was the last straw. Well, along those lines.

*Listener discretion is advised*

What do you think, should Blues take a gamble on Monk? Vote via our Twitter below which is already looking very partisan.

Well, it looks like Stockdale approves…


Others would say we don’t need another shake up this season and it weren’t too long ago we were putting together a good run, but those results seem a long way away after three defeats on the bounce with no goals for and eight against…

*Disclaimer* this post was not to call for Cotterill’s head, but merely a reminder our fans deserve better.

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  1. Cotterill has only been in charge for a few months. The real issue is the barmy board we have. They sacked the best manager we had for years, then brought in a known managerial failure to replace him, then they brought players in without any long term strategy. This board is no better than the Yeung administration who I thought were a bunch of sharks.

  2. Monk was sacked by Boro as the caught him going for the Swansea job. He’s another Rowett. Cotterill saved us from relegation last season as Harry did nothing. Give the guy a break. He has signed no players and those he was left with are not actually very good


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