One year on, four managers later


One year has passed since we saw the back of Gary Rowett, a year today infact and Blues fans are still wondering if and when the club can return to a stable state.

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty scary to think where we would be if Gary was still at the helm. The work he did with the lack of resources at his disposal was remarkable and would be for any manager. Fast forward a year and Blues find themselves staring at the relegation trap door once again, but this time with yet another manager that looks out of his depth.

From Cotterill’s body language in his interviews, every one looks less and less convincing and he looks like a man that’s struggling to cope with the pressure. Although he’s made the defense a lot more stronger since he came in, the goals have dried up, the midfield are non-existent and the clock is ticking.

There’s a very dark cloud above St Andrews at the moment and it seems to be raining on the fans too. Fulham was the last straw for me, the fans still had that belief that they could actually witness a well-fought performance and take at least a point back to the second city. However, the occasion just went down as another day out in London and some of the fans even confronted the players and of course, the gaffer himself outside Craven Cottage, something I haven’t seen in my lifetime.

This Christmas period is a make or break one. The games are coming up even more thick and fast and no one wants to start the new year in the bottom three! However, the transfer window is open and it may be the wild card Blues so desparetly need to kick start the engine and at least move up several places in the division.

The only way they’re going to do that would be to spend big money, but in the right places. The question is, who would want to come to this state we’re in. Also, will the owners trust Cotterill with their piggy bank? The manager carousel is beginning to stall and only Pulis is the man that could make a difference for me, but I don’t think he’ll want to queue up for this ride!


There’s four games left until the transfer window for Steve to prove his worth and going on our owners track record, he will most probably have to win at least one of those to stand any change of keeping the hotseat.

The next roll of the dice from Trillion Trophy Asia will be pivotal. It’s stick or twist time already, both in terms of managerial decisions and in the transfer window. The players aren’t performing and we know the owners have the sufficient funds to cover this mess, it’s just finding the right players that can benefit the team and help the club stay up, simple as that.

Cotterill confronted by the fans outside Craven Cottage
Cotterill confronted by the fans outside Craven Cottage

In my opinion, I think giving Cotterill the transfer window is something that must be sought out. I don’t think he’ll go on a spending spree like Redknapp did and I think he’ll have a bigger say in who comes in and who go’s out.

We must remember Cotterill has done no worse than Zola and Redknapp. Zola managed only 2 wins in 25 and Harry managed to lose 5 games on the spin. Cotterill said in his first interview that the first priority was to stop the goals leaking. He stayed true to his word and did that. Now, he’s being honest in saying “What you want me to do, conjure a bucket load of goals?” He’s right and lets not forget 80% of us thought he was the right man for the job and the one to take us forward. For me, the 20% rest of the fans can only say ‘told you so’ when we’ve seen him have a fair crack of the whip his predecessors enjured.

Let’s stop the arguing amongst ourselves and at least back the manager until the window closes. Our fans don’t fight and we have learnt how to bite the bullet more than most, but one thing is certain, we’re not doomed yet!

Keep Right On.


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