1. Yes seems a nice bloke,who had to try to manage another managers players,its wrong !Why did they sack Rowett????
    Next manager Monk ???
    What if it ain,t.???????????????

  2. I am genuinely sorry that it didn’t work out for Steve because I was one of those who called for him to be made manager. Yes the club is severely in turmoil and so Steve was in an impossible position to turn things around. I personally think the job just got to big for him and I truly think any coach would find the whole situation bad.
    The owners are the ones to blame for creating this mess and the fans have had enough. We stick by our club no matter what but these owners who claim to be experts at turning around companies etc but Birmingham City is something entirely different. Trillion Trophy don’t understand the history of the club or the passion of the supporters and when these idiots decide to move on we will be there to pick up the pieces of the wreckage they have created.

  3. Strachan?….Just look at his record. Doesn’t pull up any trees with me. Monk is a more progressive manager and i just hope he can get this lazy lot playing as they should. The big worry remains to be scoring goals, if he somehow cures this then we just might scrape ourselves out of this mess.


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