OFFICIAL: Gianfranco Zola resigns as Blues manager


The news Blues fans have all been waiting for. Gianfranco Zola has resigned as Blues manager after just 2 wins in 24 games.

With a win rate of only 9%, many Blues fans and football fans alike were wondering how he kept his job for so long.

Today he said the game against Burton was a ‘must win’, but Blues ended up losing the game 2-0 at home today. Now, Zola has walked.

Here’s footage of Blues fans today after the final whistle chanting ‘We want Zola Out’:

Let us know your thought’s below and tell us who you think should be in charge for the last 3 games.

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  1. Thank the Lord! Just 6 weeks too late I’m afraid, who next,Paul Ince Ole Gunnar Solcaer! ! Wouldn’t put it past these idiots as they wouldn’t have sacked him! When you think you’ve endured the Carson reign you get this lot who haven’t got a clue about football get the feeling that st Andrews is worth more as property development than housing our loved football team only this can answer the anonymity of the owner and the appointment of an idiot. Perhaps a bit deep but how can anyone in their right mind do what they have done. 1 down 1 to go, TTA can you follow zola and lock the door on your way our please?!?!?

  2. thank god for that he has gone the amount of games we have lost with him he is a total waste of space not as good as gary rowett was we never lost that many games with rowett he was a good mananger and always kept blues up in the table


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