Middlesbrough to sue Garry Monk and his backroom staff


It wouldn’t be Blues without that kind of headline would it!

News has just broke Middlesbrough are to take legal action against the staff of their former boss Monk.

The coaches in question are James Beattie, head of performance Sean Rush, head of analysis Ryan Needs and goalkeeping coach Darryl Flahavan.

After Monk was sacked in December, those four were placed on ‘gardening leave’ and Boro have brought a clause up which states they are not to work alongside eachother for a Championship rival before December 28.

Whether or not Boro have chosen to sue due to our Championship safety close to being confirmed, remains to be seen.

Birmingham Live reads:

They say the coaches’ insider knowledge of transfer targets, strategy, player wages and weaknesses gives Blues a competitive edge should they both remain in the Championship.

Boro’s barrister, Ian Mill QC, told London’s High Court:

“There is a real risk that Middlesbrough will lose players to BCFC if it continues to employ each member of the backroom team at the same time as each other and/or Mr Monk.

“A number of Middlesbrough’s current players, including some of its young players, who are on comparatively low salaries, were recruited or favoured by different members of the backroom team and remain loyal to them.

“BCFC’s employment of the backroom team is therefore likely to give it ongoing competitive advantage over Middlesbrough.”

The representative of the four coaches, Adam Solomon QC, says “there is ‘inherent unlikelihood’ of Middlesbrough obtaining the injunction it seeks.”

A trial is likely to be conducted between June 22 and July 5.


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