Having not won since Leeds away, Blues were desperate for their first home win of the season. Blues, who were unbeaten in 7, wanted to turn those draws into wins.

The start of the game was a good one for Blues as striker Che Adams nearly squeezed the ball into the bottom right corner in the 3rd minute of the game. Blues looked likely to score soon.

In the 6th minute, Blues had a free kick on the edge of the eighteen yard box; Gary Gardner stepped up to take it but sent the ball sailing into the away fans.

However, in the 20th minute, Jota whipped in a deep corner which found the head of Lukas Jutkiewicz who sent the ball into the top left corner of the net. A perfect start for Blues.

It got even better for Blues and Lukas when Gary Gardner’s shot fell to Jutkiewicz who tapped home from 6 yards in the 22nd minute.

In the 37th minute, Lee Camp denied Manning a goal when he  comfortably tipped the ball over the crossbar.

22 minutes after the break, Blues won a free kick and let our number 10 have the ball to seal the win. Lukas Jutkiewicz drilled the ball into the bottom corner-the goalkeeper had no chance.

Rotherham did get one back through Taylor, but it was not enough to stop Blues strolling to their first home win of the season.


  1. In light of World Mental Health day that just passed I thought I’d share my story. It’s not easy for me to open up because it’s quite embarrassing but I need to be honest about this. I’ve spent years trying to follow ie. support a football club. I got into English football in my late twenties and I’m already in my thirties and have only started supporting a club. To keep it as simple as possible I was terrible at being a fan. You would’ve seen me wearing different kits, posting on different blogs and declaring my undying devotion to said club, buying stadium bricks, joining various supporters trusts, all for the sake of being accepted by fans of that specific club and feeling that I’m part of it. It was a cycle and I failed over and over. Little did I know that I was actually suffering from a condition called Aboulomania. It’s basically a condition of extreme indecisiveness, that leads to social anxiety and depression. Couple that with OCD and a mild case of ADHD and it would be a toxic mix of indecisiveness and impulsiveness. So for everything I’ve done in the past to try to be a “proper” fan I would just have to be forgiven.

    Having said all that, I still love Football. The drama and the passion behind the sport and it’s fans are unrivalled. Having no club to support is quite tragic, not being able to stick to one is bad and trying to stick to one in the past but failing immensely is even worse. Eventually I started following the Blues, though my fandom would waver at times I ended up falling for this club and can’t see myself supporting any other. I have a feeling that after years of struggling to find the right club, the right club finally found me. KRO.


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