Latest: Stockdale removed from first team squad


After news emerged last week that Leeds tabled a bid for the stopper, this could be the final nail in the coffin.

Although Leeds have fallen behind Blues’ valuation, the ability to meet wage demands have also been understood to be a problem for the Yorkshire club.

However, we have been told from a reputable source that he’s been removed from the first team squad altogether.

We also understand Stockdale didn’t appear at yesterday’s pre-season testing at the newly named Trillion Trophy Training Centre.

It’s also worth noting the 32-year-old has took to Twitter to remove ‘BCFC’ from his bio and his display picture has also changed (below).

Take from that what you want, but it’s interesting he went as far as removing which team he plays for from his bio.

It seems Monk has a replacement lined up and Blues fans will be hoping a deal is struck before the new season starts in 43 days.

What do you think, will Stockdale be missed or was it inevitable? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet us @bcfcfollowers.


  1. Stockdale is a very keeper, he will be missed, worrying that his sale is a cost cutting exercise, it doesn’t inspire confidence for next season.

  2. Snake seriously worrying in what way ?? I was convinced about him even more so the money he’s on we can get a couple of freebies on that it’s called cutting the wage bill one of the main issues last season also didn’t he knock out Walsh who was decent and never saw him again monk must see something in him he doesn’t like

  3. He probably won’t leave as it seems Leeds don’t want to pay the fee BCFC want and pay his high wages?
    People talk like we can just move him out, we can’t unless he wants to go.
    He can just sit in the reserves and take the money.
    If we can’t afford his wages then we can’t afford to buy a replacement till we know he will leave.


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