Latest: Pep Clotet offered job, Xavier Calm to coach U23’s


The latest development is that Pep Clotet has been offered the job, if he wants it and Xavier Calm, the former Cornella manager has in fact joined with the development squad.

Despite the bookies naming Calm the favourite for the hot seat, he will be working with the under 23’s, replacing Richard Beale, who we believe to have also been given the push.

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  1. Yes they have to sell the club. Nothing surprises me in football as being a bluenose we have our ups and downs. Now need new owners

  2. The owners of BCFC couldn’t organise a Piss up in brewery. They sacked Rowett….then came in a few more managers who almost drove Blues into obscurity..Monk comes in saves us then gets sacked…The owners do not have a clue to run a club….

  3. Bunch of retards that can’t spell on here 😂😂 I would like to see Chris Hughton back that wouldn’t be bad or jockanavic ex Fulham manager


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