Blues face Barnsley on Saturday in a bid for survival in the Championship, but will it be curtains for Cotterill if they don’t get the result?

After the total embarrassment at Brentford, the fans turned quickly (more so in recent months) on him and I don’t think it was just because of the amount of goals we conceded either…

Blues now find themselves swirling around the drain of the Championship once again and Saturday now becomes the biggest game of the campaign so far.

As for the Cotterill, many would argue if there’s less than three points on Saturday he’s got to go. For me, he doesn’t help himself and looks less and less like a man that can save us from the trap door.


On Saturday, N’Doye came back into the team, well he had to because of Davis’ injury and Kieftenbeld’s suspension. However, playing the biggest and slowest man furthest forward of a midfield three is not what you want, especially if you’re trying to counter and he’s your only option there.

You can’t fault his work-rate, but being that clumsy on the ball begs a lot of questions.


As I said before, Cotterill looks less confident week in week out thanks to these defeats. He looks totally lost and I get the feeling he’s starting to expect fate.

It’s fair to say we need a miracle.


Disconnect with the fans

The fans are turning out in their numbers to see these dismal displays trying to keep themselves entertained and the only apology we get is from our… goalkeeper?

Although we ‘issued’ one to him after our good run last month, even that is starting to fade a bit. The ‘time to go’ chant was ringing around Griffin Park and walking towards the tunnel, he looked like a lost puppy. You just have to look at what he said following the game to understand he doesn’t give a damn about us…


But what do we know, we’re only spectators and can afford to travel to every game to watch mind numbing football.

What do you think, is Saturday the be all or end all for Steve? Let us know in the comment section below, we’d like to hear from you!


  1. Looking totally lost these last few games . Big long gaps in what he say,s means he has to think what to say to everybody. including the management and owners .NOT HIS WAY i think given the chance to walk he would losing the dressing room quickly if nothing changes very soon i am afraid it,s curtain,s for SC SHAME TOTALLY LET DOWN BY CLUB BUT NOT FAN,S.

  2. You need to look at the board the recruitment and poor players not the manager. True Blues fans would get behind the manager and players from now until May

  3. I doubt it will be regardless of the result. He is here to stay and will oversee our relegation to League 1. It’s all pitiful really and the owners, whoever they are, are presiding over the destruction os our football club.


  4. Even if we win Saturday against Barnsley I still don’t think it will be enough to save us
    We have absolutely no pattern to our football
    Burton play decent football but don’t really have the quality players to push on too far up the league
    They remind me of Wigan under Martinez,they know one way of playing and they stick to it even it means losing heavily occasionally
    But I believe it will be enough to make them safe come the seasons end
    I’m gutted to say this but I think we’re doomed
    Let’s try and get behind the boys on Saturday and hopefully that horrible feeling in my stomach is just trapped wind
    KRO Forever Blue

  5. Not sure the board will be able lure somebody with any credentials who would be willing to take on the mess. I also think they may be thinking about the cost of a replacement, however, in saying that what would be the cost of relegation. He is prone strategic mistakes not looking good. KRO……

  6. No system can’t fit Jota or Adams into the side can’t defend no creation struggling for goals one up front and still blames previous managers for his mistakes and team selection.How is he still in charge


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