Isaac Vassell faces fresh setback following injury in training


Rumours have been circulating online about Blues striker Isaac Vassell potentially being out for the rest of the season following a new injury he’s picked up in training this week.

It has today been confirmed those rumours are true by BBC journalist Richard Wilford.

Just how long he will be out for or where in injury is has yet to be announced, but many believe it’s a torn thigh muscle / disjointed hip bone.

Blues fans will hear more on the unfortunate news later on when Garry Monk gives his Nottingham Forest press conference.

Vassell had been making good progress in training before this and many Blues fans were calling on him to be the man to get the team firing again.

The 24-year-old has been out of action since he hobbled off in the goalless draw with Aston Villa way back in October.

In a recent interview he expressed his view to get back into the team:

“I felt I was just getting into my stride when the injury happened, hopefully it will be like a new signing for them [the supporters] and I can’t wait to get back and show them what I can do again.”

It seems Blues fans will have to wait longer than expected to see him in a blue shirt again.

What are your thoughts? Was Vassell the man to get the goals and will we be okay on that front without him? Let us know in the comment section below!


    • We need to move on !! He is and will be unavailable for selection for some time. I still feel that once we find the net in a couple of games, the problem in front of goal will sort itself out. The fact we are creating so many chances is a good sign and shows the general performance is good. It is to easy to see doom and gloom at present, but I do think that Monk sees and feels what the fans do and will turn the corner in terms of results !!

  1. I cannot believe the continues bad news about my club it’s just one thing after another. It all started after winning the league cup followed by relegation from the premier league, don’t know when it will all end.

  2. Keith and Pete two good calls. The situation we are currently in both on and off the field are not life threatening. So as you say we are creating chances, this will change and we will and feel a more positive feeling about everything. With the latest news regarding vassells, possibly should we be looking at another forward instead.

  3. Unfortunately, it looks like we will still have to wait and see, if he is as good as we hope he is. The team so far, have been far better, than three of the teams we have played, but have not been clinical in front of goal. Vassell might or might not, have made a difference. I still believe Adams, will do what’s required.

  4. Wrong to place a huge burden on a kid from the lower leagues just back / carrying an injury none of our strikers are what you would call prolific or would be first choice for many other teams in this league….. Anyone seen Ren the rat lately?

  5. First and foremost I’m gutted for isaac. He’s worked hard trying to get back so can’t imagine how he’s feeling, it’s another blow to the club and team, was looking forward to seeing him back, KRO isaac, fans and club will stay right with you all through your recovery.

  6. Need to speak with the EFL now and try to get movement on the embargo, maybe an extra loan signing or something. The strikers we have (inc bogle) are not up to the task. Adams also looks massively out of flavour with Monk. Although I dont even think he makes much of a difference. Shame for Vassell but this may be his blues career over if its another season out

  7. well it looks like the last loan will need to be a striker. Not a clue who we could get foc on a loan who is any good. comes to something when millwall can sign a 1 mill player in bradshaw and the messiah gary rowett didnt want to pay 2ook!! and the guy who said cancel his contract needs shooting. idiot!

  8. Adams was never nor will he ever be,a regular goalscorer so other than bogle and Juke who else have we got ??? No- one!!
    The fact we cant score goals is still hiding the fact that we cant STOP conceding them , and if we address that then we will always pick up a point a game at least !!
    Until a team learns how to stop conceding they will never be successful.

  9. The football we are playing looks nice. But that doesn’t score goals. I can’t see the where the goals will come from. But let’s see. We need to remember the longer we don’t score goals for the harder it will get.

  10. gary monk must think he has taken over at the Alamo…more sanctions than north korea and players dropping faster than Russian poison …somebody better go and piss in all corners of the ground again or were going down …kro

  11. Im gutted to hear the news about Issac – i had really high hopes that he and Adams were going to be the shinning light we are all looking for in what seems to have been an eternity of dark clouds since St ObaFemi Martins day. It makes it even more sad that Isaac is such a nice guy. I lived near him for a while when he first signed and saw first hand how excited he and his folks after he was transferred to the Blues and how gutted he was the day after that fateful Villa game. He always stopped to chat to my little boy too- top bloke Isaac!! KRO – we’ll be there at the end of your road to recovery!

  12. Who is going to loan us a 20 goal a year man for nothing? or a 10 goal a year or 5? We have those and they cost millions.

  13. Sorry for Vassel but looking at it realistically we have not had a natural goalscorer for years.When we signed Adams we had the chance to bring in Billy Sharp for next to nothing,a natural goalscorer as well but did not want him.Adams,Bogle and the Juke try hard but they are not naturals.We are now not going to get anybody who is any better than we have got or could afford due to the restrictions we are under so why not try and get Ronan Hale back from Ireland after all he is our player and what bits i have seen of him young and raw but looks a natural.

  14. Gutted for Vassell . The 5th signing has to be a striker now. Jota and Maghoma look the most likely to score so maybe we need to play them up front with Mahoney and VSO on the wings.

  15. I Feel for Vassel but he’s in his mid twenties now and looks like he’ll basically miss 2 years of playing football. We’ve got to forget him, move on and if he does pull a Blues shirt again and deliver one day that’s a bonus. We’ve got to do the best with what we’ve got, back Monk to get the best out of them and hope it’s enough. We haven’t got ‘goal scorers’ like many other teams in the league and we’ve have to adapt to that. Goals will have to come from a variety of sources such as set pieces, the midfields will also have to weigh in. Gardener used to be good for 7/8 a season, can he still do it? Buckle up, it’s gonna be another bumpy one but there are at least half a dozen worse sides than us in this league..


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