In Interview With 003 – Liam Harrison – the man behind the concept kits


As the season comes to the end, having another last day drama with the win over in-form Fulham, the club and the fans are already underway preparing for next season.

In this exclusive interview, we chat with a young graphic designer who’s been getting a lot of attention for designing concept kits for next season, which are getting praises from fans across the world.

Sadak Kahie: Hello and welcome to “In Interview with” on BCFC Followers. Thank you for giving your time with us. First of all, how did you become a fan of Birmingham City?

Liam Harrison: All of my family support the blues and I’ve never known any different.

SK: How did you get into becoming a Graphics Designer?

LH: Well, I first got into graphic designing a few years ago and ever since then I’ve just been getting better at it.

SK: How did you start designing football kits?

LH: I don’t know really. Just seen a lot of people asking the club for more creative designs, so I decided to try and make some of my own.

SK: As well as designing kits, you have your own YouTube channel and making  amazing graphic designs online. Can you tell us a bit about it?

LH: Yes, I enjoy any type of editing overall and YouTube is a great platform (the best) in doing so.

SK: How did you get the idea of the club’s kit for next season? Did you do research of previous kits for inspiration?

LH: I’ve done previous kits before and love implementing the old designs into the The sponsors etc.. but the fans opinion is the most important and I’ve taken all the requests and views and put them all into these two designs.

SK: The response of your concept kit was massive with high praise from the fans. This even lead to newspapers (like Birmingham Mail) crediting your work. How was it being in the spotlight?

LH: It’s great, but all I’m really interested about is making my designs better and better!

SK: Has anyone come up to you and mentioned the kit? How did your friends and family react to it?

LH: My friends and family love the kit. But I can assure you that I’ve had a lot of requests for new ones!

SK: Who was your favourite player and what was your favourite moment as a blues fan?

LH: Loved Super Kev (Kevin Phillips) all my life and was my favourite player growing up. Favourite moment as a blues fan has to be the cup final against Arsenal. Best day of my life, especially as I was there in the flesh!

SK: What’s your opinion of how the season has been? It’s safe to say that it was a season of drama!

LH: It’s been a rollercoaster of a season hasn’t it. We always do it the hard way but luckily this season we did it a bit easier.

SK: Final question, what’s your opinion for next season? Do you believe Garry Monk and co can lead the club to a new era?

LH: I think if we bring in the right players (3-4), then I believe we could really do well. I think we have to build the team around Jota. In my opinion we need a winger, CM and a striker. Maybe a GK if TK leaves.  

Not forgetting the fact that we have a lot of loan players coming back – Scarr, Fabbrini, Keita etc… and maybe money from Butland and Demarai Gray. I think next season mid-table wouldn’t be a bad thing.

SK: Well, it was great talking with you. Thank you and Keep Right On!

LH: Thank You!

Check out Liam’s work on twitter, YouTube and Instagram (@LiamsGraphics).

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