In Interview With 002 – Maxime Colin


Here’s our latest “In Interview With”. Today we speak to one of the key players at the club helping lead the blues out of the relegation battle. A young French man, it’s blues defender Maxime Colin.

Sadak Kahie: Hello and welcome to “In Interview with” on BCFC Followers. The club is getting foot on a right track now, how do you feel about that?

Maxime Colin: Feeling much better obviously, the atmosphere around the club is better and this is what we all want, so yes we need to keep going working hard for each other and keep going towards this direction. We will all enjoy it that way.

SK: How did you get into Football?

MC: My father used to play when he was a kid so really early I started to play for a small club near my parents house in France. 20 years later I’m still enjoying playing football.

SK: You joined the club in the summer from Brentford along with your former team-mates Jota and Harlee Dean. Did that help you settle at the club?

MC: Yes it’s much easier when you arrive at a club and you know some players. Also having French speakers like mags (Jacques Maghoma), jérémy (Jérémie Boga) and Cheick (Cheikh N’Doye), the adaptation was easy. We have a team of good lads anyway.

SK: You played for clubs across Europe and probably played against one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Are clubs in England more tougher than others you’ve faced?

MC: Since I have been playing in England and in the championship , I would never say that I played against a team that I couldn’t beat. Most of the teams are fairly equal. Every team can win.

This is a big difference compared to Anderlecht , where we were the biggest team of the country , and everyone expects you to win every game. Only in champions league , we were a small team but the expectation is to win the league.

In France , when you play against PSG or Monaco , you know that it will be difficult for the team to win… the top 5 in France are really good team and you struggle to get results. Apart from them , you have all the chance to win.

SK: When you returned to Brentford during the 5-0 defeat, was it tough to take in?

MC: It wasn’t a good night for us. It was hard to loose this game. But to be fair, Brentford deserved to win, they were the better team that night. I spent a good time when I was there, and this is football.

SK: You earnt 7 caps for France U20, how did that feel and are you working hard to play for your national squad?

MC: It was amazing to play with player like Griezmann, Lacazette, Coquelin. We went to the World Cup together. I still keep the possibility for the selection in my mind, but I also know that it will be very hard. But yes, I’m working hard and maybe one day I will have a good surprise.

SK: The players seems to have a good chemistry between on/off pitch.

MC: Yes like I said, the lads are nice. The group is really good. We spend a good time together. Even when the results were bad, we stick together and this is important, but obviously only winning games make the training ground a enjoyable place for every one.

SK: I think its fair to say that it was a tough start for you and the club. The fans were angry, the air within the club was toxic… how was the overall feeling for the players?

MC: The start wasn’t good, so for me who had just arrived to the club, you are straight away under pressure. I’ve been playing professional football since 9 years now, so you handle the situation a bit better. When the game and the situation isn’t going the way you want, in my opinion, the player needs to put his head down, work hard and find the way at training to know why the team doesn’t win.

Football is always up and down and you need to always question yourself first. What can I do better to help the team. If every one have the same mentality of a warrior, you will succeed. The most important tjint is that we are turning in the right way now. And hopefully we can keep this momentum.

SK: Your new manager Garry Monk, he came in and a new leaf is turned, how much of an effect did he have in not only you, but the club too?

MC: A new coach always brings new ideas of his football. He was really clear on what he wanted to do. It was a fresh start for everyone. He made some important choice as well and it is working at the moment. But the road is still a long way before we are safe, so everyone needs to stay focus and the coach is the first to say that anyways.  Bolton was an amazing game with an amazing atmosphere, but now, the focus have to be on burton because this is the main game now.

SK: What is your main goal to achieve as a footballer?

MC: Keep Improving myself.

To play at the highest level possible.

To always make the club/supporters happy with me.

Playing in front of an amazing atmosphere.

SK: Final question, the club has your back and support, can you believe that Birmingham can pull a great escape?

MC: Yes the fans have a massive impact. We saw it against Bolton. The atmosphere on a Tuesday night against two teams being low in the table was unreal. We were feeling at home. Especially when you play 10 vs 11  you really felt the crowd was our 11th team mate, they really helped us. And we will still need them!


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