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Welcome to the first edition of “In Interview with”, where I interview people associated with the club, from players, managers to fans of the great club of Birmingham City FC. I hope you’ll enjoy the segment and find the article interesting.

My first guest is a YouTuber who does Matchday Vlogs on the Blues, as well as doing videos on FIFA and his views on the club and about his life too. One of his video, Joys & Sorrows | A BCFC Poem | AVFC v BCFC Build Up (1), is a fan favourite to the bluenose.

It is with great honour and appreciation to introduce to the first edition of “In Interview with”, Mr BrummieJoe.

Sadak Kahie: Welcome to the first “In Interview With” on BCFCFollowers. Tells us a bit another yourself.

BrummieJoe: Cheers for having us on!
Well, not much to say really. I’ve got a dog called Morty and am in an on/off relationship with trying to lose weight. Had a camera glued to my hand from a young age!

SK: What’s your opinion on the Blues performance in this season? Shocking isn’t it?

BrummieJoe: It’s been poor – but it’s typical blues. The optimism before the season was through the roof and there was a feeling that we were finally going to give it a proper go at getting into the play offs, but as usual with Blues – you always get surprised! It’s never boring though, is it?

The wrong decisions were made in the summer and we overhauled the team with players that weren’t right and messed the squad harmony up – I’d have given Redknapp longer but I don’t think he’d do a better job than Monk could potentially do with us anyway.

We’ve just ended a long losing streak, and I’m hoping we can stay up – but at least it won’t be a boring end to the season!

SK. You made a passionate video about Steve Cotterill after his sacking. He’s arguably one of the worst manager in the clubs history, right?

BrummieJoe: He’s definitely up there. Some managers didn’t have the best tactics, others weren’t great at man management, with the media, or the fans. Cotterill was all of those!

SK: In contrast, the board has a pretty low rep with the fans. Do you think any improvements will come assure with the board?

BrummieJoe: Well, it seems like they want to do the right thing and what’s best for the club, but they have little knowledge and are naive in the way they go about things. Finally sacking Vetere (and also Dein if rumours are true) is a step in the right direction and Monk was a good appointment. They’re trying, but hopefully they can get better advisors for the next season

SK: The fans are one of the best in the world and we keep giving pride in the club in this trouble season. You could say we (Birmingham) is the number 1 club in Birmingham, better than the (Aston) Villa.

BrummieJoe: We definitely have a good set of fans. 23000 at home when we’re in the bottom 3 is brilliant. We definitely turn up when we need to. However, it’s not been quite the same since we got relegated and attendances have been lower at home, but the core set of fans we have is amazing – sticking with blues through thick and thin. Away days are my favourite because I know, no matter what the result or performance, we’ll just have a laugh and do ourselves proud.

SK: Gary Monk came in as the new manager. What’s your opinion on him?

BrummieJoe: I think he’s got the potential to be a very good manager for us. I have some mates that are Leeds fans and they miss him and Pep Clotet. He’s a modern, Rowett-esque manager that knows his football. I had a watch of him discussing the tactics from when Swansea beat Arsenal 1-0 and it’s great to hear how he talks about the game. He’s a massive improvement on Cotterill, and might just be able to save us!

SK: What’s your opinion on the players?

BrummieJoe: We’ve got a good set of players that are capable of staying up. I feel that they’ve reacted to Monk coming in and you can see they’re more confident and up for it. Under Cotterill I think they were frustrated and didn’t believe in his tactics or style of management. Jota’s looked a complete flop all season, but under Monk, he is starting to look like that player we broke our transfer record for!

SK. What’s your first memories of the club and how you became to be a fan of Birmingham?

BrummieJoe: My dad took me to the games from a very young age. He tells me that we won the very first game I attended, but I was crying as I thought I’d be playing – not watching!

For a few years I went just because my dad made me, and I didn’t really get the bug until around 2005. Mikael Forssell was playing for Blues and became an idol of mine. I used to sit in the railway end and have a kickabout at half time with my mate Jack.

The promotion season of 2006/7 was another great one, I started going to more away days and loved them. I wish I’d have fallen in love with the blues sooner, my dad opted to take my sister to the Millenium Stadium for the Play Off Final! I missed the classic days of us beating Villa in the early 2000’s – but I must have watched those videos hundreds of times now. One day we’ll get those memories back!

SK. What’s your favourite moment as a bluenose?

BrummieJoe: It has to be winning the Carling Cup, we took over Wembley and the surrounding pubs. I had my face painted half blue, half white, and blue spray paint in my hair. We all got a mini-bus down to London and the driver just happened to be an Arsenal fan! He wasn’t so happy on the return trip, at least he picked us up!

I’ve never felt that kind of nervousness, going into the lead and having some mad hope that we could win it – only for Van Persie to give me a reality check. As the minutes ticked on I thought we’d grow tired and Aresnal’s quality would show – but when that long ball was hoofed up to Zigic to knock down, I saw what happened. It must have been 3 seconds between Zigic knocking it down and Obafemi tapping it home but it felt like time stopped.

I thought to myself, knowing our luck, he’ll hit the post. Then I saw the net ripple, and I couldn’t believe it. I was hugging my family, along with strangers around me – we had no idea this could happen. It felt like a dream!

Those last few minutes until full time felt like a lifetime, but when he finally blew the whistle – I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think it sunk in properly for a good few days. What a day that was, and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it. It’s been a long, tough 7 years since then – but those joys are worth every single bit of sorrow and frustration.

SK. Final question, less than 10 games left to save the season, do you think Birmingham can avoid the drop?

BrummieJoe: After that Hull win, I think we can. The team is playing much better football, Che is linking up well with Juke and Jota has a new lease of life. I’m a big fan of Morro in at the back instead of Roberts – he’s much more reliable. It’s not going to be easy, but I think with Monk, Pep, and the fans – we can do it.

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