Ian Holloway says he would be interested in taking Blues job


In an interview on TalkSport with Jim White today, Ian Holloway says he would talk with Blues if they approached him to take the vacant job at St Andrews.

The 56-year-old, who’s been out of a job since
May 2018 where he managed QPR, says he’s “always loved Birmingham City” and goes on to say “I’ve always had a good rapport with their crowd.

Understandably Holloway finds the sacking of Monk very bizarre, but doesn’t rule out the possibility of becoming manager by affirming “Yep.” when asked if he’d take the job (below).

What do you think, would you welcome him to Blues? Let us know your thought’s in the comment section below.


  1. yes,why not?we are not going to get much choice,at least he would try and entertain on and off the pitch with his style of football and humour off the pitch, a bit like barry fry.

  2. Not done a lot since Plymouth and Blackpool though.Not sure how he would get on with the owners as he wears his heart on his sleeve.

  3. No problem with Holloway at all. Not sure tho how a honest outspoken manager like him would survive under the idiots we have in charge

  4. I’ve been supporting Birmingham City for 18 years. I wouldn’t mind Ian Holloway in charge. We’ve struggled under our former bosses. And I think if he came we’ve got a good chance of a good season. I can’t understand how we’ve got rid of Gary Monk when he kept us up.

  5. Unfortunately we are to put it mildly SKINT, so everything that has happened over the last few days is clearly money orientated. When Adams leaves we will not see any of that money for new players nor from the expected windfall from the expected Butland sale, that is earmarked to pay off debts. There is no replacement for Monk or Beale so that is more money saved so everything is about saving money.As a season ticket holder of course i am disappointed with the events of the last few days but it no great surprise to be honest, BCFC is a business and they have to make serious cuts so all i can see for the immediate future is loan players, free transfers and the us of more of our Under 23 and Academy players

  6. Good football manager speaks his mind lots of knowledge in the game would be dedicated to manage BCFC
    And he would keep the fan base.


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