Has Stockdale all but confirmed he’s staying with this tweet?


The David Stockdale transfer saga has largely been fueled by his activity on Twitter after the stopper was told he can leave the club.

Along with the 32-year-old not appearing at pre-season testing at the newly named Trillion Trophy Training Centre last week, Stockdale also removed BCFC from his bio.

Now, it seems to have taken a turn after his return to training this week and with him tweeting the following:

Leeds and Blues fans were quick to jump on the tweet which has raised further questions. Does this indicate he’s staying? Or is he simply unable to find another club willing to pay for him after Leeds were unable to meet the club’s valuation of him the first time round?

***Update: Stockdale clears it up and confirms he’s ‘getting another pre-season done’:

Blues manager Garry Monk spoken for the first time about on Monday about the speculation:

“When I came in here there was a huge amount of players contracted to the club from a first team perspective,” he said.

“That’s No. 1, I have to really cut that down, that’s very excessive

“The second part of that is you have to assess the comings and goings.

“You have to assess which ones I feel I want to give the opportunity to go forward with and which ones not.

“Everyone that is involved in all of that process is very clear, they have been told – that’s my job, to make those decisions and do it with conviction.

“All the players I don’t see in terms of going forward have been told, David is one of them.

“It’s for him to find the right solution to himself.

“But it’s got to suit the club as well, it has always got to be on our terms. If the club feels it’s the right package then the club will do it.

“If it’s not then that will be the situation.

“My job is to concentrate on the football and make sure the players understand who I feel has got the opportunity to go forward and who I don’t feel.

“You never say never in football but everyone is very clear with it all. We will see in the coming days and weeks.”

It appears Leeds are looking for a loan deal and Blues would prefer a permanent solution at this stage.

What are your thoughts, would you welcome Stockdale back into the side for next season? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. I feel sympathy for Stockdale, don’t blame him for accepting the contract offered him by ‘arry. He’s now been told he’s not wanted and because Leeds won’t pay the high wage that tempted him to Blues, he may end up rotting in reserves. Depends whether he wants the pay or to play.

  2. I would only let him go once we have sorted a replacement – he was okay last season but he often didn’t have a settled defence in front of him.

  3. It’s not Stockdale’s fault he’s on big money. We gave him the contract and we have to honour that. Forcing him to train with the kids and excluding him from the first team is counter productive because you now have an unhappy player on good money. If no one comes in for him then it’s a huge waste of money. We will still need to buy a replacement.

  4. He was clearly unfit last season under the right regime he could find his Brighton form and be an asset but he’s wasn’t great last season and if we could get him off the wage bill I would.

  5. Those of you that say it is not his fault he is on high wages are right to an extent..what is his fault is the way he lacks professionalism to keep himself in the shape an athlete should be …a well paid one at that . it must grind the gears of other players who earn less but keep themselves in shape. if Monk has decided that he is getting a poor return for the money and needs to ship those out that he thinks cant or wont do as his team have requested of them then he should be trusted…quite embarrassing the way Stockdale has tried begging his way to leeds….he should go and hopefully will …I hope when they play blues sausages are pelted at his goal

  6. He is seriously overweight making him slow to get down, a few times last season he was beaten at the near post simply because of his slow reaction, I know there have been a few keepers who were overweight but it isn’t helping Stockdale, he needs to lose a few stones around his midriff then he might be worth keeping.


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