Has John Terry dropped another hint he’s joining Blues?


Last week we saw Terry ‘like’ a photo of Harry and new signing David Stockdale, now this…

It looks like he knows of our very own kitman.

With rumours floating around online of JT ‘supposedly’ having a medical at the club this week, this is certainly sparking more talk.

See for yourself below:


Maybe he just follows kitmen in general? Let us know what you think of it below!


    • Sorry I can’t see a benefit to signing him, Harry’s here for 12 months and we will be paying these wages for 2 years or more, zigic nearly broke the club with his wage bill don’t let’s get into this again.

      • with respect I don’t think you know how much, you are dealing with merchant bankers here
        and not a couple of billionaires, they are to say the least very powerful money people,
        and extremely shrewd, things are in line and quote me we will get automatic promotion
        believe me, who am I thats not important, what is the facts, question why are these top players
        coming to b,ham. you got it¨

  1. I think it will be good, harry knows what he’s doing and he likes birmingham city badly, maybe he might sign a new contract in 12 months

  2. I’d love him down Stans,what a coup for the club.
    you can’t really compare the Zigic/JT situation as we have different owners now.I appreciate we know very little about our new owners but what we do know is that Carson Yeung was a criminal and had all his assets frozen.
    Signing JT is a fantastic statement of intent by the board
    Glasses half full please KRO

  3. I think it would be a massive boost to have a player of JT calibre in the team..he is a born leader and at this level would be world class..i would be gutted if he doesn’t come to us and ends up at vile park..fingers crossed he comes to us

  4. Would be a top signing it show the ambition of the club and trust me it will help to get better players to the club and 5.2m is a steel for jt


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