Gary Rowett not giving up on Fabbrini


Gary Rowett has revealed he hasn’t given up on Diego Fabbrini and talks are still on-going.

Watford have signed nine players in total to prepare for the top flight this season.

Many Blues fans will be wondering if Fabbrini will get game time in the Hornet’s side as many of those nine signings play in midfield, Fabbrini’s position.

Fabbrini only played five times for Blues last season but he definitely was becoming a fan favourite. Even though he broke his nose in training his performances were eye-catching.

Here’s what the boss has to say about the recent developments:

“Diego is a player we would love to bring to the club,” the Birmingham City boss said. “The talks are still ongoing but again that’s out of our hands – all we can do is try to put something together that is attractive to Watford.

“The same has been said about Robert Tesche. “And if they don’t work out we have got to move on, there are plenty of players available and plenty of players on our list.”

“Those are the types of players we are trying to bring in and if you saw our performances last season towards the end of the season that’s the difference those players can make.

“That’s all we are looking to do, the aim is to always hunt for those top calibre players and until I get them, quite simply nothing will happen.

“If I have to start the season and wait for that type of players that’s what I will have to do. “I wanted to get them in three-four weeks ago, that’s always been the aim but it’s not been quite as easy as that.

“It’s been well-documented we have been let down unusually for three or four deals right at the last minute which has been a challenge.

“But that’s my job, to keep persevering and positive and to keep trying to target the very best players Birmingham should be signing.

“That’s the key. We want to have the likes of Diego and Robert Tesche because I think it lit up St Andrew’s last season when we had those type of players.”


With the Robert Tesche talks almost dead and buried, Fabbrini could be the only player Gary Rowett will have to play the long game for.

What do you think, do you think a deal will be made?


  1. I can’t see what the hold up is , GR has £2 million that he as saved by not signing tesche and the money to get fabbrini still ,so why isn’t he signing fabbrini and getting at least one of them with the extra cash , ??????????? Simples.


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