BREAKING: Garry Monk to be named as Blues boss after Forest game


From Sunday, Garry Monk will be installed as the new head coach with five new backroom staff, according to respected Blues source Daniel Ivery.

The club were thinking of keeping on Kevin Hitchcock, but that seems unlikely now. It is understood Pep Clotet will be Monk’s assistant, with James Beattie third coach.

The announcement is likely to be made this weekend but could be the start of next week.

Done deal then. Will you be happy with Monk to take us forward? Let us know in the comment section below!

*The featured image is from his visit to St Andrews last season as Leeds United boss, just to be clear…*


  1. Good option.
    Hope it’s not too late.
    Other thing…will he stay
    Will he get cash in future.
    What if we go down?
    Maybe to late….
    Been a lifelong supporter but this has to be the worst bunch of players at Bham ever.
    Hope I am proved wrong
    But the chairman and the board need to get there act together….the club is in dire straights

  2. Can’t keep sacking managers need to sort out the players as some only want to pick up a wage and show no passion for the club.

  3. It had to change to give us a Hope of A Chance to Stay up – Something is Wrong me personally “I believe that despite announcing when they purchased Our Club !!! That Their Intention was to turn us around make A Profit and Sell us- That Actuallly they have put investment in money has been spent – The Owners Have put their Faith in Some Wrong Peole who have Let Them Down Advised Them Wrongly – Two in particular- David Dein & The Football Consultant Daniel Ivery mentions they’ve now put on Garden Leave & apparently- Got Rid of Dein -!!! Again My Opinion But We – Must Put Personal Opinions Aside And Get Behing The New Managerand His Back Room Staff – Even Stop The Sniping About The Board – ” We Are Blues – Not Aston – We seen Joys & Sorrows – Bad Times and Good šŸ˜Š But We Always Show Passion for Our Club – Our Players Must Also Step Up To The Mark – Play With Passion Play With Pride – Show This The Fantastic Blues / Birmingham City FC Supporters Will Back You – if you do this – We Fight To The End – Together – Keep Right On To The End of The Road – KRO-

  4. Have said for some time, we need a change, while we still have a chance of survival. I didn’t think Cottrell would keep us up. He’s not completely to blame, but he is DEFINITELY culpable , bad tactics, players in wrong positions, etc, etc.
    IF and I say ‘IF’ they’ve FINALLY made the decision to make the change, then we have a far greater chance, probably the ONLY chance of staying in the Championship.
    Added to the ‘RUMOURS ‘ of Vetere and Deins removal, things are, I feel are looking much much better.
    Here’s hoping.

    K R O

  5. I’m hoping that one day people stop making up c**p. It just adds to the misery that us supporters are already having to deal with. Rumours are just that. NOBODY has inside info, they just create speculation so that IF it happens they can say that they were the one who told us all. Daniel is one of the worst for it!!!

  6. Gary Monk is desperat to get back in the game so if offered the job will take it im a Forest fan and you have every chance of a fesult home form for us dire

  7. I hope Garry Monk has got a magic wand, if he takes over at Blues. It will take a monumental effort to improve the performances of this team. Ultimately the demise of the team and the club, has been brought about by a board of directors, who have no idea of how to run a football club. Their incompetence, will cost them a fortune, because they will find it very hard to recoup the money, they laid out to buy the club. One has to wonder, in what business they accumulated the millions it took, to buy the Blues.

  8. Iā€™m hoping if Gary monk is our new manager he has the ability to encourage and lift these players to the best abilities because we are going to need them playing to there best to get the points to stay up KRO SOTV

  9. Gary monk joke too what are the bored doing this be 4th time they missed the managers appointment we are a joke !

  10. Gary Monk is s**t. What has he done. This is the time that we need to break the bank and get a top class manager in who has the mettle to not only save us but build us up next season.

  11. I think many blues fans have lost touch with reality
    monk will be a coup cos i cant see why anyone would work for these clowns


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