Garry, Garry Monk!


After a weekend without our beloved Blues playing, I think it’s an appropriate time for us all to reflect on the amazing job which Monk & co are doing with our football club. 

On the back of arguably our worst showing under Monk, or at least our worst home performance, there was a few criticisms of Monks tactics. Before I sing his praises, I want to make it clear that no manger is above criticism; it’s the nature of football, mangers will earn both praise and criticism at different times in their tenure. However, I do not think we can underestimate the overwhelming positive impact, which Monk has had on the whole club. 

Firstly, with his hands proverbially tied up in both transfer windows, because of our breach of profit & sustainability, Monk has had virtually the same squad of players that struggled so badly last season. Nevertheless, Monk has got the squad playing the ‘Blues way’. This squad of footballers, epitomise what it means to where the shirt. A squad with so much heart, passion and willingness to do well for the club. As Blues fans, we can forgive a lack of quality, but never a lack of effort; and Monk fully understands this. Garry Monk ‘gets us’. He understands what we demand of the players and he’s produced a squad who have effort and desire pouring out of them. Monk has created a unity and togetherness within the camp, which we haven’t seen in a Blues squad in a long time. This is effectively the same group of players that at times were embarrassing last season and Monk has managed to make us proud of that same group. They give everything for the shirt and as fans, we can ask no more. 

Earlier in the piece, I mentioned that Monk ‘gets us’ and this is the most important reason why he is doing such a great job. Since his first day, Monk, in every presser and every interaction with the fans has showed how badly he understands us. He has generated a real harmony and feel good factor running throughout the club. The relationship he has built with the fans, is something to be admired. Garry Monk has got everybody at St Andrews singing of the same hymn sheet and if we are to be a success in future seasons, this will be a fundamental reason as to why. 

Geoff Horsfield is joined by Garry Monk and James Beattie for The Horsfield Foundation Sleepout1 of 13

Monk has also made a huge effort with engaging with the wider community. He has attended many events, where he has given back to the community. As recently as last weekend, we saw him attending Geoff Horsefields stadium sleep-out. A terrific cause, and to see him fully engaging with it, proves what a great bloke he really is. The picture of him and James Beattie, in amongst the sleep-out volunteers, is one which I imagine, made all Blues fans proud to call him our manager.

I think it is very fair to say, that we have got ourselves a proper manager and equally importantly, a really great person, at the helm of our club. The job which Monk and co are doing should not be under appreciated. Not only have they got our team ‘overachieving’ currently in the league, but they’ve also got our club engaging with the wider community. I would also like to credit the job which Monk’s extended backroom team are doing. I believe that the entire coaching team has had a massively positive effect on our players: Pep Clotet, James Beattie, Sean Rush, Darryl Flahavan and Ryan Needs, should all be recognised for the part they’re playing in our season. At the minute, we can all be very proud of our football club and its performances both on and off the pitch. 

Whilst the impeding EFL hearing may well have a huge impact on how we finish our season, let it not distract away from the terrific job that Monk is currently doing. Monk has publicly said that there will be adversities and we have a squad, which is willing to face any adversity head on. Thus, whatever comes our way, I am confident that, with Monk in charge, we will be absolutely fine.

Therefore, as much as the Bolton game was a huge disappointment and I’m sure there will be more disappointments to come, it’s imperative that we continue to give our full support to Monk and the squad. With our support, both in numbers and voice, we have a real opportunity to finish the season on a high. Like I said, there will be disappointments; but that’s part and parcel of being a Blues fan. There’ll be joys and sorrows too. But with Garry Monk in charge, I’m convinced that there’ll be more joys than sorrows. Monk is doing a brilliant job at our football club and long may it continue. Garry, Garry Monk!


  1. No mention of the Pedersen affair which could cost us a significant points penalty or the Stockdale etc goalkeeper fracas.
    Before we erect a statue or worship at the altar we need to see the reaction to the EFL decision and how GM will cope with that.
    He has done a great job but then so did GR. Let’s face it anybody could have done a better job than the clowns we had before.
    Not being negative to GM but where we are at the end of the season is judgement time – not now.


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