EXPLAINED: BIH grant Trillion Trophy Asia a period of two years to buy BCFC


Birmingham International Holdings granting Trillion Trophy Asia a period of two years exclusivity to buy BCFC.

It’s a positive step, however we still don’t know who Trillion Trophy are, so we should remain cautious.

Two years is an extraordinary length of time for any agreement and sale of the club.

The main questions are how much of the money loaned to BIH will find it’s way to the club and also what will stop them from re listing the club onto the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a separate entity?

What we can say it is fairly big news as we now know, from evidence, that a takeover is finally happening.

But why 2 years?

Firstly its a very complex deal to made with everything surrounding the club such as BIHL and Carson Yeung trying to disrupt the receivers.

Secondly Peter Pannu is not out of the picture like we thought he was; demanding money he claims he’s owed.

Also the part exchange of the listing of Birmingham International Holdings who won’t want to collapse their listing.

Basically by setting a 2 year period they are shutting out everyone else involved as they only want the Trillion Trophy deal to take place, nothing else.

You can watch the exclusive podcast by @Often_Partisanhere.

What do you make of this news, comment below your thoughts.



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