Denny Johnstone: Morton fans react

27/10/15 SCOTTISH LEAGUE CUP QUARTER FINAL MORTON v ST JOHNSTONE CAPPIELOW - GREENOCK Morton's Denny Johnstone (left) celebrates having put his side 1-0 ahead

Following on from our feature on Denny Johnstone yesterday, we were keen to gauge some further opinion on striker Denny Johnstone after he amassed 17 goals in the Scottish Championship last season.

Some Blues fans rallied behind the young striker, whilst some didn’t feel he had enough quality to ever get in the side, despite not seeing much of him on the St Andrews pitch.

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But we were interested to find out what the Morton supporters had to say about the 21-year-old’s performances for The Ton last season, and most importantly, whether or not they think he has enough quality to make it in England. Here’s some of the responses.


Chris: Probably found his level as a Scottish Championship player. Did well overall without being a stand-out player.

Evan: Not ready for the English Championship yet. Another year at our level, or even Premiership would serve him well. I’ve seen some utterly dreadful strikers do well in the English Championship though, so perhaps he could cut it. He couldn’t score in a month of Sundays, however we brought a striker in to play off of him in January, someone that had a bit of pace, and that served him well. Before that though he scored some terrific goals for us, just not that often.

Kimberly: He was totally rude when I met him. Not that he didn’t know what to say, he just had that “I’m a footballer, I’m better than you” sort of attitude. There was a couple of them though, not just him! Majority of the players were brilliant though.

Kim: I wasn’t a huge fan but he has potential. Good finisher and great work rate however his build up play should improve. Not ready for Championship yet in my own opinion. Definitely, a lot of silly mistakes and sitters missed but he grew into it a little. He could be clinical infront of goal at times.

Ruaridh: Good potential, Didn’t really have enough supply here but was a hard worker and always put in 100%.

Billy: An absolute pest for centre half’s. Big strong and can score a goal. Really good as part of a front two. Another season with Morton would help.

Mick: His biggest fault, I thought, was he always seemed to want more time. Took him an age to get a shot away half the time. Holds the ball up well, decent finisher and creates space for others.

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Clyde: Done the business good goal ratio needs to toughen up a bit, his future is in his hands and maybe another year at Morton level won’t do him any harm then that would maybe help him flourish. For a young guy he done well.

Johnny: Raw and a bit awkward at times, but he actually has decent technique. I agree about a lot of hesitation in and around the box and his finishing needs to improve. Had a couple of very good games against Rangers so he’s done it against the best team in our division. Nice to see the piece not sneering at the level up here, which is unusual in itself.

Barbara: I think he could have a future. He definitely improved as the season went on with a good attitude and work rate.

So, that’s what the Morton fans thought. Having read all of this, do you feel Johnstone deserves a chance in the side? Leave your thoughts on Facebook, or tweet us @bcfcfollowers!

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