Cotterill on the make or break January transfer window


Blues boss Steve Cotterill will be hoping he’ll receive sufficient backing in the transfer window next month.

It’s evident a few areas on the pitch need to be addressed and if you cast your mind to Cotterill’s first interview at the club, Dong Ren put his money where his mouth is.

However, this transfer window will be even harder this time round, given the position we are in.

Another problem would be the balance of the squad. Zola and Redknapp not only changed the style of play, but the wage lists too. This means Cotterill has an even harder job in brining in the right player(s).

What Blues are lacking is goals and we all know a 20-goal per season front man is hard to come by. An attacking midfielder also wouldn’t go a miss, but can we be competitive in this window is the question.

Here’s Cotterill on the transfer window that could either make or break the rest of the season:

“We’re unbalanced – is probably the best way of putting the squad”

“The trouble is, when you get an injury in those unbalanced areas, it then becomes a critical situation which is where I think we are at this moment in time.

“We can only try (to find the answers in January).

“The other side of the coin is that because of the amount of money that has been spent in the last two transfer windows, do the owners want to spend all that amount of money again at this moment in time?

“I think they will go again in the summer but they’ve already spent a lot in the last two windows.


“For me whether we get money to strengthen the squad or not or whether I do, however you want to cut that question, the only thing we need to know is whether we are or whether we aren’t.

“And that one is something they are perhaps still looking at or still digesting.

“Either way, for me, they’ve probably spent enough in the last two windows that could have taken four or five windows.

“Going forward I’m sure they will back me in the transfer window but I think we have to to come up with the right type and have a structure and process to it to show them what we want and what we need.”

As for us fans, we know the money is there, but we also want players playing for the badge, not just the pay check.

Let’s just hope Cotterill has a strategy to bring in the talent we need to get us out of this relegation dog fight.

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  1. Cotterill needs to ensure all our players shoot at every opportunity as no goals will be scored if we don’t !! No creativity either so who makes openings? Messi himself would struggle to score with our lot !!


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