Blues veteran to make a first team comeback


Garry Monk is looking to enlist Blues defender Paul Robinson back into the first team squad in the midst of the relegation scrap.

Robinson, 39, looked to have already hung up his boots after he announced his retirement last month.

However, with the new gaffer in charge, that may change in the coming months as he has benefited from the fresh start under Monk.

Although he’s been helping oversee the Under 23’s, Robbo is currently going through an intensive conditioning programme.

Although his call-up may be a few games away, Monk believes his two-decade playing career may be key in getting Blues out of this dogfight.

“I think he has experience around the players – and his personality,” Monk said.

“Of course fitness he is not at the level just yet to be considered for selection but he is very good around, his experience is invaluable.

“He is a good professional. I felt going forward we need as much as that as possible with all the squad.

“He is not quite ready for selection now but he is working really hard at his fitness.

“He has got the bit between his teeth. We will see in the coming weeks.

“It could be that he is going to be needed. That’s the whole key, making sure everyone is working together so whoever is needed is ready to come in.

“The most important thing now is the togetherness of everyone.

“The past is the past, what we need now is everyone at the club, players, staff, everyone together and we need to all fight.

“Whatever your situation has been in the past, or earlier in the season for whatever reasons, in this moment it’s not about you, it’s not about what’s happened, it’s about what’s best for everyone.”

What do you think Blues fans, will Robbo be able to galvanise the squad in the coming weeks or should he just stick to his coaching?

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  1. I think he as that motivation to spur the other players on, he his a good player so long as he doesn’t make bad judgements on tackles, so yes you cannot fault his commitment when he plays


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