Blues sign Ivan Šunjić


Following a rumour in May, the name Ivan Šunjić seemed to go quiet in the second city. However, today Blues have announced the signing of the midfielder.

Previous games in pre season showed that Blues do not have depth in the midfield position. With lots of names floating around, Šunjić seemed the most ideal player for Blues, but as you would expect, lots of fans thought this would be too good to be true.

A creative midfielder is what Blues have been craving for the last 3 seasons. With the addition of Dan Crowley, the Šunjić signing seems like a bonus addition.

After looking like a deflated club a month ago, the positivity and hope seems to be there once again.

Welcome to Birmingham City Ivan Šunjić.


  1. Best signing of the championship window so far this season. Pure quality I get hot when I think this guy guy playing in behind Crowley.

  2. Funny how a couple of signings have changed the mood of the Doom Mongers of a few days ago!!!! never lost faith myself unlike many on these sites


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