Blues defender edging closer to first team


Blues development coach Richard Beale thinks 6″ 5″ defender Emmanuel Mbende is edging ever-closer to the first-team squad.

The defender has impressed the U21 bosses since joining the club from Borussia Dortmund this summer and many have touted the German as a future first-team starter.

He was part of the stronger Blues “half” that faced Nuneaton a couple of weeks ago, and had experienced frontman Marlon Harewood to deal with, who didn’t get a look in throughout.

And development boss Richard Beale has been left delighted with Mbende’s progress.

He is a superb lad,” Beale said. “You have to drag him off the training pitch. He comes back at night with Noe Baba to go in the gym.

It’s refreshing really, he soaks up every little bit of information you give him and that can be seen by the improvement he has made since he has come to the club.

“Obviously he is big and strong and that is what people will always allude to but he’s only 19.


Despite his progress, Beale has insisted people take their time with the youngster, as he is not the finished product just yet.

“He’s moving in the right direction. There’s still plenty to do, we are not going over the top about him but we are really pleased with him.”

Also to be around first team players, because that’s where we want him to heading, can only give him good experience and a better grounding all round.”


Images: VI, Made in Brum



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