Cotterill has admitted in his press conference today that signing a left-back to cover Jonathan Grounds would be an option.

However, he also expressed how hard it would be to bring a free agent in at such short notice.

How long Grounds is out for is yet to be seen as he is due to have a scan later today.

Here’s what Cotterill said about weighing up his options:

“It is an option. But it’s hard to find one of them. We’ll have to wait and see. We need the results back off Jonathan first of all,” he said.

“But then how long does it take to get that player up to speed and have you got players that can potentially play out of position that have played in that position before?

“Put it this way, we don’t have a lot of options, so the option that I go with will, I hope, be the best option in the coming games.”

Cohen Brammall did well when called upon at Wednesday, however the Blues boss feels he is more of a left-wing back:

“It’s a different position for him [Bramall]. He is more of a left wing back than he is a left-back.

“I don’t know whether he quite has the knowledge at this moment in time. He hasn’t been a professional footballer for very long – but we will have to wait and see.

“He [Seddon] has done great. He’s trained with us and done great. Unfortunately, there are a few big games coming up.”

What do you think, do we have enough personnel in that area?


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