Blues among a dozen Championship clubs in breach of FFP regulations


The transfer window is now officially open, but should Blues fans be getting carried away this time round with a potential transfer embargo looming?

The EFL are yet to state who the exact clubs are, however, there are multiple sources linking Blues to the pack. The real question is, should we worry?

In hindsight, a transfer embargo given to each one of these teams would have serious complications in the overall transfer system and would effect all of the clubs not only in the championship, but the whole of the EFL.

This means they will be doing all they can to bring clubs back ‘within limits’ so normal progress is resumed. Blues’ finances will no doubt be closely monitored, more so this summer, from wages to incomings…

Us being in ‘this list’ is largely to do with the complete overhaul Harry Redknapp tried to install last summer. What we do know is, we now have a manager that is looking to shine more light on the youth system – as we’ve seen with the likes of Wes Harding and Beryly Lubala stepping up to the mark – and also with the former Swansea manager being able to get the very best out of his side, there is very little to worry about in that sense.

Overall, if half of the clubs in the Championship are on the same level or worse than Blues, we won’t be seeing an embargo hitting the club any time soon that was once first feared.

Blues were last placed under an embargo back in March 2012 after failing to submit club accounts on time. It was then lifted in July the same year.

Please note: an announcement is yet to be made so the finer details of how much each club is under or above water remains to be seen.


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