Birmingham placed under transfer embargo, Pedersen not signed

The ground was named St Andrews back in 1906

Not the news Blues fans wanted to hear as the first team begin their pre-season tour in Austria.

The club have been sanctioned with a transfer embargo due to not meeting the deadline with the EFL to sort out a ‘soft embargo’ relating to FFP (Financial Fair Play) , according to Almajir.

It is understood the EFL gave the Blues owners time to fix the situation but they have in turn failed to do so.

This means the transfer of Kristian Pedersen from Union Berlin, that was announced by the club on June 25, will not stand and he will not be a Birmingham City player until the embargo is lifted.

This news comes after disagreements between CEO Ren Xuandong and senior backroom staff over the past few months which has led to the departure of some staff that deal with transfers, resulting in this embargo.


  1. But this bloke isn’t even contacted to the club how would he know ? Also pederson acording to efl website is registered

  2. Pedersen is listed as registered to Birmingham on the EFL website. Club or activity making bids 4 players would be even be allowed to do that whilst under transferring burger I think there’s been some crossed lines here myself.

  3. waycoolblue

    I would agree with crossed lines something is not makng sense here

    We have not been acting like a club that’s under a soft embargo let alone the possibility of a full embargo

    Speculation on linked players is always taken with a pinch of salt but even so we seem to have been making steady progress


  4. Perhaps if the club actually made a comment on its website it would be useful. They managed to update a comment about a pre season match 15 minutes ago but nothing about this. Oh for someone competent in the back offices.


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