Are Blues paying over the odds for Southampton’s Sam Gallagher?


News has emerged Blues have given their new signing a substantial pay rise after he was subject to a lot of interest last week.

The likes of Villa and Derby were also keen on the 21-year-old’s services. However, it looks there was a reason his head was turned by Blues. Money.

According the the Daily Mail, Blues offered the 6ft 4 man an extra £8,000 a week to play at St Andrews for the season.

That is a fair amount, considering he was only on £22,000 a week at the Saints.

The report suggests that the massive pay increase was what Harry Redknapp felt was necessary to do given how much interest there was in the striker from other clubs.

There is now talk of him not being fully committed to the cause and will only play for the money, not the badge. However, with Redknapp in charge you’d expect it’s the latter.


Gallagher knows this league very well and by scoring 12 goals for Blackburn last campaign, it could prove to be very promising business from the club. It could however become a failed move and Blues would have to keep forking out the substantial fee when the money could be spent elsewhere.

Either way, Blues have a promising young player on their hands, whether he performs to the best of his ability remains to be seen…

What comes to a surprise is Redknapp wasn’t willing to pay Ravel Morrison from Lazio, a mere £3,000-a-week for his services when he needs that type of player.

What do you think Blues fans, is Sam Gallagher worth the £30,000-a-week wages? Let us know in the comment section below!


  1. Shocks me how we can pay 30 bags for Gallagher (yes he’s a good player understandably) and potentially 8.2 mil for Acquah but are only going to offer Lazio 3k for a player of Ravel’s character, baffling

  2. agreed about ravel. I thihk its mind games to get him on a free before the window. we need results asap otherwise we will be lagging behind. Reading are no mugs!! For me this is money well spent. he looks like a good player and he has scored some amazing goals and reminds me of a taller shearer. the volley he scored last season wow!! havent seen power like that since the geordie and Southampton legend

  3. Ravel Morrison has never done it anywhere for longer than 5 minutes. Why do people think he’s any good when he fails at every club? He’s an idiot with talent. Talent and no application = 3000 per week max

  4. Why do you want to publish negative stuff about Blues? BBC and The Vile Mail will do that job for ever and a day. As for Ravel £3000 a week is enough to pay for his talent + baggage. Gallagher younger talented no baggage and SCORES a goal occasionally.


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