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David Stockdale has recently been at the centre of a controversial situation with allegations flying around. Unfortunately, no one knows anything of the truth yet. None of the recipients of the claims have spoken out and confirmed or denied a thing. The main claims are coming from numerous twitter accounts who claim to be acquaintances with Stockdale, but the tweets cannot be ruled as plausible nor implausible just yet.

Many see Stockdale as a vital part of the team as he holds vast amounts of ability, where counterpart Kuszczack lacks such as kicking and commanding his area. Without him, the majority see the side as heading towards a downwards spiral, but Kuszczack is a talented keeper who proved himself under the three different managers last season.

Stockdale Injury Allegedly Caused By Training Ground Bust Up
Stockdale Celebrates With Brighton Fans At St. Andrew’s Last December

In recent fixtures, Tomasz Kuszczack has claimed his place in the team as David Stockdale has suffered an extremely serious injury to his wrist and will be out of action and unable to assist his teammates on the pitch for four months, meaning Kuszczack has a chance to prove himself once again.

Many rumours have been circulating as of late surrounding Stockdale and on-loan full-back, Cohen Brammall. Fans and close friends to the keeper have claimed he was being the helpful person in the situation and tried to break up a training ground bust-up between Brammall and Walsh.

New loan signing Bramall Was Supposedly On The Receiving End Of The Punch Thrown By Stockdale
New loan signing Bramall Was Supposedly On The Receiving End Of The Punch Thrown By Stockdale

The reasoning for the injury is purely speculation because the club nor Stockdale himself, have confirmed it. However, the majority have suggested he aimed a punch Brammall’s way, but failed to execute it properly and damaged his wrist on connection with Brammall.

These rumours give perfect reasoning for the youngster to be vacated from the matchday squad and left to rot on the training ground hoping that the managerial force will believe in him once again.

With the current predicament the Blues are in, this scuffle has not helped as the side have lost an exceptional keeper who the majority of fans see as a terrific stopper and better all round than Kuszczack, who is now fighting to keep his place as the starting keeper for when Stockdale makes his return to football. In addition, the outfield region has lost an incredibly quick, young full-back and a talented centre midfielder in Liam Walsh, who have both joined from huge clubs Arsenal and Everton. Both have bright futures ahead of them, but have shown that they cannot yet cope at the professional level as proven if these rumours happen to be true.

All said in this article is purely speculation and allegations that may or may not be false. However, if this happens to be true, it will cast a shadow over the club and the atmosphere amongst the players.

Similar happenings took place last season after Birmingham took on Rotherham at the New York Stadium when a Blues side was left frustrated after yet another late goal was conceded in what fans saw as a make or break fixture for Italian, Gianfranco Zola, who won only two out of 24 and lead Birmingham into a fight for survival. In an empty stadium after the game had finished, an argument which led to a fight erupted and fellow teammates intervened. This lead fans to believe the players were beginning to despise each other within the dressing room after a torrid run of form, picking up an abysmal 14 points out of a possible 72 in the half a season he was in charge.

The clash between players last season demoralized all connected with the club. Will this happen again if these happenings causing the injury of David Stockdale are proven to be true?

Joe Gallagher


  1. I’m sure this isn’t true for one obvious reason, Blues didn’t do any training under Redknapps reign did they?, or did this happen while they were sitting around at the training ground twiddling their thumbs waiting to do some training???!!.
    I actually thought the reason for them being dropped was because Carsley said when he took over that “he didn’t like picking loan players for a matchday squad because his philosophy is that loan players were only there to make up the numbers “.


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