Rowett: We need to be more disciplined


Blues boss Gary Rowett feels his side need to put in more disciplined performances against the strugglers in the league.

Whilst Blues have won some big games against those in and around them, they have often come unstuck against sides that are battling relegation, with defeats to Rotherham, Charlton and Huddersfield sticking out in particular.

And with Blues on the road this weekend for another big game, Rowett wants to make sure that it doesn’t become a regular occurrence as his side continue to push towards the play-off places.

“Of course everyone is aware of it, although it’s not something I really want to labour on because you don’t want it to become a self-fulfilling prophecy,” said Rowett.

“Maybe part of the issue is almost an external feeling from outside the Club and also maybe from the players – certainly not the staff, when we play these types of teams there is a perception we have got to do something different, or play more of a possession-based game or be more open in terms of our attacking play.

“If you look at those games often we have been counter-attacked and been too open.

“The ethos rings true playing against a good team or a team that’s not performing as well, we want to be solid, that suits our team and our players,” he said.

Joe Lolley scored Huddersfield’s first earlier this season

The gaffer was also quick to highlight that his team need to be a little more defensively resolute in high-pressure situations, pointing to Leicester City’s ability to do so as the main reason behind their success.

“Once we become open I don’t think we are suited defensively to having lots of space. That’s just a fact.”

In terms of finding a solution, Rowett continued: “Maybe we have to be a little bit more disciplined and even tougher.

“Leicester are perhaps the best example at the moment, every game they go and be what they are.

“Perhaps that’s because they are in the Premier League and are always the underdogs whereas over 14 months we have gone from underdogs to middle of the pack in terms of what’s expected,” Rowett said.



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