Rowett: I would consider Birmingham job


After a well thought victory over local rivals Wolves at the weekend, Blues fans have been given something to believe in – that being Zola’s style of football.

But, the performance on Friday night was very much Rowett-esc. Putting bodies on the line to grind out a victory is something Blues fans haven’t seen in a while. However, the win can not overshadow the run we had before. It’s plaster over the cracks.

Today, Rowett spoke to BBC Radio 5 saying he would return if the opportunity emerged.

“I certainly would consider it if circumstances were different, because I didn’t want to leave in the first place.

“I had an amazing bond with the fans, and we felt we’d made progress.”

You can listen to his full interview HERE.

Let us know what you thought of the interview, would you welcome him back if Zola was dismissed?


  1. We have players with plenty of guts and the power to force wins like against the arsen in the cup ..but we also need very skillful players in the team for when we play like for like which are plenty in the champs to get us over the line …blood and thunder will win us cups and skill will bring us big sponsership to keep us in there when things go down hill a bit when age hurts …we need 16 players true grit laced with a bit of quality and Zola has only just started to get us that team ..looking at us against wolves we have more guts than a sumo ..and Zola has that pull to get us a few more quality players ..nothing against GR but needs Mus for me ..

    • Zola is well out of his depth. Cannot believe people are defending him. He has no pull for bigger name players what so ever. Bring back GR and give him money to spend. Just bear in mind that as a manager Zola has been sacked from every job he has held. Thanks for trying Zola but you have lost the support of the fans.

  2. William is spot on. Good points made.Skillfull players are we at to see. In the past William and a few of our old OP clan have always yearn for a bit of class-perhaps now without getting too carried away over the Wolves game-we may see what Zola is tring to do.

  3. Lovely to read William Morgan on this site. Recently ended OP site under Daniel Ivery had dozens of close knit commenters. I am now converted to this site now and would love to read comments from people such as Dave Mann,Staffs Blue etc.

    • We will never know the real truth about why Rowett did not sign, he might have disagreed with TTA over the players they wanted to release or buy in, we know they want more control over the day to day running of the club but we also know they do not have a footballing background, well GR going was there loss and our suffering.

  4. @williammorgan you sir are a closet villa fan, GR done a solid job with what he had a true blue, I have nothing against zola I actually like zola “more in his playing years” but the ultimate blame lies with the board for there poor decisions with the handling of GR and the way they bought Zola in as a big name now that being said all this talk about grit and skill doesn’t wash with me it takes more than grit and skill to do well we need a team under GR we had a team zola needs time to build his all this talk about bringing in “big names” jog on it’s not like he has messi on speed dial? Let’s aim for decent mid table finish let zola have time over the summer bringing in his so called big names and let’s go again next year we e should be looking playoffs, like a true blue onwards and upwards KRO

    • Sorry but I have to disagree, Zola would make a fantastic scout but he is not a good manager, history has proved that, his tactics are wanting, his substitutions have been mystifying and he has little command over the dressing room, the players have shown us with their lack of grit and determination, it was often said that under Rowett we were over achieving, imagine what he could have achieved with better players and funds to buy them? Everyone is saying give Zola time and it will come good, I can not see it myself and truly believe that this downward trend will continue no matter how long he is here and how much he spends, I hope to be proved wrong and I will be the first to stand up and eat humble pie but I also hope he is not given that opportunity. Whilst he is at the helm I will reluctantly support him and the players that give their all. Just my opinion.


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