Rowett amongst favourites for Derby job


It’s that time of the year Bluenoses.

A manager has been sacked and yet again, Gary Rowett is amongst the favourites for the position.

This time its Derby County, after they sacked Paul Clement this afternoon. He was relieved of his duties with immediate effect and the search for a new manager in the Ipro hotseat has instantly begun.

Derby currently sit fifth in the Championship, only four points ahead of Blues and they still remain one of as one of the favourites for automatic promotion, despite a recent dip in form.

Rowett spent three seasons as a player at the Ipro, and he sits at 4/1 with Paddy Power.

Also in the running are David Moyes, Gary Monk, Nigel Pearson, Dennis Bergkamp and Tim Sherwood.

Like we said, this won’t come as a surprise to Blues fans who had to endure the never-ending circulation linking Rowett with the vacancies at Fulham and QPR only earlier this year.


  1. Not sure why he’d be linked when Pearson and Moyes are available.
    Gary has one flaw so far which will affect Derby and that is he doesn’t appear to spend money well.
    It is early days but Brock-Madsen and Fabbrini in my opinion are not good signings.
    Everyone was obsessed with signing Fabbrini, but he was a good loan signing last season that improved the team but not on his own, Tesche also greatly contributed to that improvement.
    This season though the team / squad has improved even more and Fabbrini is not such an improvement as we have a few players just as good as him.
    He is not wanted at Watford who obviously think he is not good enough for the Prem and Middlesbrough didn’t want to sign him permanently either and although early days so far, he hasn’t impressed in his two sub appearances, he’s just not such an improvement to the strong squad as he was last season to a weaker squad.
    Derby spend shed loads, can Gary do make those expensicve buys vastly improve a team?
    So far i would say, no.

  2. I don’t often reply to posts but this time I will. Make your mind up Chris either he does spend well or he doesn’t. You can’t say that Gary doesn’t know how to spend money with Brock-Madsen and Fabbrini and then say that the team has improved since last year. Which is it? Gary has spent all the money he had available to him in the best way that HE thought. Watford may think that Fabbrini isn’t good enough for the Prem but we’re not in the Prem. Let’s give him some time to settle. As for Brock – Madsen exactly how much did we spend? Around half a million! Team spirit and desire are what Gary brings to the table . We won’t know how he does with real money (5 million +) until he gets the chance and until then let’s do the right thing and back him!


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