Redknapp obtains ‘transfer hotline’ from owners Trillion Trophy Asia


Not only have Blues’ owners Trillion Trophy Asia promised ‘Arry ‘substantial funds’ to spend this Summer, but now it’s emerged direct contact to them has been made available to Redknapp to secure any incoming transfers.

It was evident that former boss Gary Rowett was left in the dark with TTA, and no ‘big names’ were acquired from the new Derby boss; Greg Stewart, Robert Tesche, Diego Fabbrini and Brock-Madsen to name a few…

Blues fans then became unsettled about who Rowett was going to, or able to bring in (no big names) and questioned if TTA had any substantial funds at all.

Rumours were the owners didn’t trust him with their money, so a new deal wasn’t made. Then there were the rumours of Rowett speaking to other clubs behind the backs of the St Andrews hierarchy, but that’s all we can say about that.

However, it looks like Redknapp has made a real relationship with Paul Seun and co and has a ‘transfer hotline’ made available to him:

-James Nursey (Daily Mirror)

Read into this what you will, but this news will be welcomed by the St Andrews faithful as it shows intent by all parties. Now, we’re just waiting for those ‘big names’ to announced.

Turn your phone back on Harry!

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