Harry Redknapp’s future determined ‘within the week’

Redknapp celebrating Blues escaping relegation at Bristol on the final day of last season

After keeping Blues’ Championship status intact, Harry Redknapp would be welcome to stay at the club.

The 70-year-old had a meeting with the owners Trillion Trophy Asia last night, after the dramatic scenes at Bristol had died down.

Redknapp won 2 vital games since joining last month and his team were unlucky to lose away at Villa. Now, Blues fans are calling for the club to keep him at St Andrews and hopefully they come to a decision thay will benefit everyone.

The situation is expected to be resolved this week after further discussions with representatives from Trillion Trophy Asia.

Here’s what he had to say about the meeting:

‘I’ve had a chat with the owners, I met them last night (Sunday) for the first time,’ he told BBC WM.

‘I had a really interesting meeting. They were very nice, very good people and they obviously want to take the club forward.

‘They’re not going to throw crazy money at it to try and achieve that, but they will invest. It’s just a case of wait and see. I’m going to have another couple of meetings with them and we’ll see where we’re going.

‘I would think within the week (a decision will be reached). I’m not playing hardball with anybody. It’s just a case of making sure.

Despite his residency in Dorset and his age, Harry says he’s definately interested:

‘It’s a big ask for me again. I’ve come out of it, life is quite good for me at the moment, I’ve had no pressure and am quite enjoying doing what I’m doing every day when I get up.

‘I’ve been managing an awful long time so to go back into it again full-time is a big, big decision for me. I’ve got to make sure I do what is best for myself as well.’

‘I’m interested in staying but there’s a lot of work to be done, it’s a tough division,’ he noted.

‘Look where teams like Norwich and Villa, who spent absolute fortunes, have finished this year.

‘But I’ve been really impressed with the club and the people at Birmingham.’

What do you think, will Harry be Blues boss next season?


  1. Harry is a true footballing man with Steve Cotterill at the helm Harry could go upstairs do a couple of days a week with his contacts could get the right players and who knows onwards and upwards. but thank you Harry from all blue noses you made us proud again.

  2. i have been a blues fan for fifty years and can honestly say i have never known anyone make such an impact so quick has Harry has and truly hope he can reach an agreement with the board just having a man of his caliber would be a boost for everyone connected with the club, thank you Harry for all you’ve already done.

  3. I`m the same age as Harry Redknapp and have supported Blues since my father took me when I was 10
    60 years( a blue nose) even that is a new name I will take it. To go back to work now will be a big step for Harry I will keep supporting the Blue what ever the out come but would love to see Harry at the helm for at least the next season

  4. Im sure im not alone with sunday my god my heart was bursting i could not do anything its realy awfull having all those thoughts and feelings i felt worse sunday than i did when we played bolton please please blues dont make us blunoses go threw that again my heart wont take it and harry you are a legend please stay and keep steve onward n upward blues oh one note to vile fans losing that match to try and get us relagated didnt work did it c u nex season scumbags


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