Gianfranco Zola intends to keep changes to a minimum


New Blues gaffer Zola has insisted ‘you must be very careful not to change things’.

However, the 50-year-old has only had today (Friday) to put his spin on things, as the players had Thursday off.

Despite the way the appointment was handled by the board, the Italian is confident the players will give him their best in the first match under his control against Brighton this weekend.

“They are professionals as well. If they give everything for me they’re not going against Gary,” Zola said.

“They are paid for that. Gary, myself, the players, we all serve the cause of Birmingham City above everything.”

Many players were left stunned when the news broke of Gary Rowett’s dismissal on Wednesday. Here’s one tweet from winger David Cotterill.

However, Zola met with a group of senior professionals yesterday and took his first training session at Wast Hills today (Friday).

“I will take the team tomorrow [Friday]. I will try to do what I can but obviously there won’t be many changes because of the time. It’ll be foolish for me to try to change too many things.

“I watched some games on all the clubs in the Championship and one of them was Brighton.

“I know it’s a very strong team, they have been first and it’s no coincidence they have been first.

“They are well organised and very strong physically, it will be a good challenge.

Zola continued:

“From my point of view it’s a bit of a pity that I am stepping into a job with just one day to prepare for the game and to be fair I am not going to have very much input to give because what can you do in one day?

“You must be very careful not to change many things because you can produce more damage.

“My attitude will be to be open, to learn something more about the team, something more about the atmosphere with the supporters and also about Birmingham.”

What are your thought’s, do you think Zola will change anything for tomorrow’s big match against Brighton? If so, what?

Watch his interview below:

Image – Sky Sports


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