Cotterill and Dong press conference – what was said


New boss Steve Cotterill faced the press today alongside Director Dong Ren at St Andrews.

This is the first time we have come face to face with the Blues director.

It was interesting to hear what they had to say on the future of the club, but also the dismal display at Hull at the weekend.

Here’s what was said in the press conference:

Some big claims…

Priorities first though…

Money available…

Cotts has this message for us fans:

Reaction from the fans:

Blues fans, what are your immediate thoughts on the conference? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @bcfcfollowers!


  1. All we can do is give the bloke a chance…. He will know who needs bombing out and what is needed to come in .Lets hope that he can pick who he wants rather than Dein and the other muppet better still bomb those two straight away

  2. my view:

    Juke, Ndoye, morrison and maghoma dont show enough consistancy for me. In Ndoyes defence he has come in from another country and needs 12 months to bed in and especially learn the language etc. Juke was only ever worth 1 million because he scored those goals during his loan. Grounds took allot of flack ( I am included) yes I think we can do better but personally id bring him back or give the young lad a run. The french guy needs to be played in his familiar right back position. How about nsue played wide right like davis has done on the left numerous times. Then push jota behind the chosen striker. Its seems that playing jota and the chelsea guy both wide leaves us open especially as nsue is better atracking than defending!! davis seems to be struggling. Could this be related to us turning derby down?!??!?


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