Bristol owner names price for defender Aden Flint


Blues made an offer for Flint at the beginning of the week, but Redknapp said he won’t pay over the odds.

Now, Bristol’s majority share holder Steve Lansdown has revealed his thoughts on the Blues target.

“The prices for players at the moment are high. So we’d expect a high price if he [Aden Flint] goes,” said Lansdown in an interview for BBC Points West shown late on Friday.

“I’d take £10m,” said Lansdown when asked whether he would accept that amount for the 28-year-old centre back.

The billionaire owner also explained his stance on youngster Joe Bryan, who they’re reluctant to sell to a Championship club.

“For Joe Bryan it would be a bit different. Joe’s a younger player. You know, if Joe was going to go anywhere it would have to be the Premier League.”

This news comes after Blues made a double bid for the defensive duo, believed to be £5million, which Johnson called the ‘derisory’.

The Bristol City boss also revealed the offer has made Flint’s head turn. However, Blues will have to return with a much larger bid if they are to get their man.

Here’s what Redknapp had to say about the offer:

“The club made an offer for two lads, I went to Bristol City and saw them play last week,” Redknapp said.

“You’re entitled to make an offer – someone said somebody is upset or something, I don’t know why.

“We’ve had offers here as well for players.”

What are your thoughts, are Blues right to end their pursuit of the defenders? Comment below!


  1. 10m hahaha, looks like he’ll be a player who’s head has been turned and wants to move who nobody will buy then ,transfer market is stupid at mo the teams that will do well will be sides who already had good squads ,Fulham Sheffield Wednesday Derby etc ,so that’s 10m for Flint and 6m for Hugill lol ,well done Bristol and Preston for ruining their potential to better themselves and at Flints age could be his last chance this summer

  2. What a pillock Lansdown…. Worth 2 mill at most competent championship player No more no less ….let’s hope if we sell we inflate our prices too we are no longer being taken the p*$$ out of . Demi etc?

  3. 10 million for Flint! Yet Nathan Baker a player with premier experience and more years in him cost 3 million.Yeah ofcourse makes total sense. The transfer market had became a total joke! 5 million for the young lad and 2.5 million for Flint (who hasnt even played for a team in the top half of the Championshiip yet at 28) id accept that…but 10 million?? F**k!!

  4. Flint will go this week not for £10 million but more than £4 million hopefully to a bigger club than Birmingham they are just a shit Ashton Villa 👍


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